Monday, October 06, 2008

Girls Weekend in Switzerland

I went away this weekend. Bart and girls stayed home. It was a girls weekend we've talked about for a year and now that several ladies are headed back to the States in Dec., we figured we'd better do it now or it would be too late.

We went to Lenzerheide - once again, one of those places you would not find out about unless you actually live in Switzerland. Even then, I hadn't heard of it until just a few weeks ago. We planned a nice FALL weekend with hiking and spa time.

This pic is day 2 - after most of the snow had melted at lake level. We hiked in falling snow on Sat. but Sunday was beautiful blue skies and warmer. But we were still in the snow. Have I mentioned this is a cold Fall? I'm sure I have and I'm getting old so you'll have to excuse the repetition.

Observations from the weekend :

1. We had a really nice time. All 6 of us American women.

2. I would make a poor celebrity. All 6 of us American women were stared at all weekend - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and in the pool - and on the mountain. It could just be they don't feel it's rude to watch other people. I just know I got tired of being stared at with nary a smile or Gruetzi.

3. We had trouble finding a Wellness (Spa) Hotel that didn't have restrictions re: clothing in the Spa areas. To explain for the Americans - many places don't allow clothing (sans bathing suits) in the spa areas. Thus we were able to use the swimming pools and outdoor spa tub in our bathing suits, we snuck into the sauna when no one else was using it and we had to forgo all the neat-o steam showers, etc. because we couldn't bring ourselves to strip and enter.
Did I mention these are co-ed facilities? Yeah....OKAAAAYYYY. Again, a culture difference but.... just can't get there myself.
I felt better after talking with my German teacher this morning who said she'd be uncomfortable as well. It's not co-ed everywhere but I've been in several facilities where this was the case. So discriminated against for keeping the bathing suit on.

4. We were told to check out "Oldies Night" at the hotel next door. It turned out the "Oldies" music was almost all from the 80's. So another milestone in life reached. I'm officially an 'Oldy.'

5. Don't assume the customer(you or me) is always right. I chose to have Apfelstrudel & Coffee instead of lunch. I asked what kind of nuts might be in the Strudel (there are nuts in everything - I always ask) - she said Hazelnut and I said fine. But I neglected to say I am allergic to Walnuts - I thought she knew what she was talking about!
About 1/3 through the strudel I realized what I was tasting, took some antihistimine (allergy isn't severe enough for Epi-pen - yet!), quit eating it and let them know their mistake and why I couldn't eat the rest. Nor could I eat anything else for a while.
When it came time to pay - they tried to charge me for it! She said "My boss says that you ate some of it and should pay for the food." HELLLLOOOOO!!!!!! I didn't pay for it.

Those things aside, we laughed ALOT and it was a fun weekend with friends.

Bart and the girls had a good time as well - went to the movies and the girls continued to improve their bike riding abilities. The bike riding will have to be a Blog in itself. They have finally learned - at 10 & 8 yrs old. We were wondering when they'd ever get it - YEAH!!! The girls and I will be off to Hungary next week (no blogging btw) while Bart stays home for yet another crazy week at work. So it was great they got some solid quality time in with 'Dad.'

Off to do all the things I should before leaving - again.....

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Anonymous said...

Why the staring you say...6 lovely ladies on a girl's weekend..when was the last time you saw Swiss doing that? Looks like a gorgeous place, glad you had a good time.