Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kangaroo? Horse? A meaty observation.

I just have to comment on this as I find it interesting. Being a meat-eater and all.

I just read an article from Australia in which they discuss the benefits of the people going back to eating kangaroo meat. Kangaroo was the staple meat for Australia until the cattle and sheep farming took over. However, they are finding that the 'emissions' from cattle and sheep farming are detrimental to our environment. The emissions issue from the 'cow and sheep' industry is here in Europe as well.

The kangaroo meat is low fat and high in protein. And very low in toxic emissions. In order to control populations in the wild, the kangaroos have to be put down and currently used as pet food. Horse meat - same issue. Low in fat, high in protein and recommended for those with high cholesterol. And used for pet food.

People eat horse meat in Europe. It's right in the meat section at my grocery store. If it weren't for the little outlines of animals on the packages and the fact I know what 'pferde' is now, I couldn't tell the difference between horse or a nice beef fillet. It can be found in restaurants as well. Guess where it comes from? (hint: the country that won't eat it - Stars & Stripes)

So it makes me wonder, How do we as a society decide what animal is acceptable and what's not in regards to the meat we eat? How did it get to be JUST cows, sheep, pigs, turkey, geese and chicken - with some exceptions thrown in for the hunting crowd? Some would be bad tasting but others? (And no discussing household pets because that is just BAD.) Some people won't eat certain things just because they're "cute." ???

Obviously, I don't have anyone to talk to today.

And, I'll post some pic's of Salzburg later. Cheers.

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