Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Electricity in Europe - Primarily for the Ladies

Just thought I'd throw this out there for anyone traveling/planning to travel in Europe.

It's great to bring a plug adapter. That will allow you to get your US item (120v) plugged into a different outlet.

It's better to have a converter & adapter so that it will convert your 120v item to the 220v currency used in Europe.

If you don't use a converter with your 120v item you will damage it or blow it up. Yep, we blew the face off a little clock radio when we first moved.

Some appliances (I know many hair dryers and computers do) have an option to switch your voltage from 120 to 220 - handy. Then you just need the plug adapter.

For anyone traveling with a curling iron/straightener - you need a converter that switches to 1600watt for heating appliances. However, this works with older heating items - like my 10 yr old curling iron. As we have found out with many a guest, the newer heating appliances are often digitally regulated - even if you don't see it. And they will not work with a converter.

There may be some new converter's out there that will handle the digital controlled heating items but we don't have one. If you know of one, please let me know.

The beauty of Europe - hair is not expected to look perfectly coiffed. I can pick out an American woman in a tourist city by hair alone (and the makeup, manicured nails, jewellery - while wearing a sweatsuit/tennis shoes). So when in Europe, do as they do and embrace your natural look - ponytails are a popular option.

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mandy said...

I know this is helpful... I'm sure I will need this info if I ever go to Europe. But I must say that the only sentence I really understood had something to do with blowing the face off an alarm clock! HAHA

Hoping no one stood in front of the clock. ouch.

I'll have to talk to my general contractor dad about the whole voltage thing. Or just call you when we get over there! ;)