Monday, June 19, 2006

Arrived Safely!

We are now in CA at my girlfriend, Sissy's. Bart is in Switz. and will join us Fri., 6/23 - not long now. We've only seen him 2 days in the last 3 weeks - too long. Drive out was fine and uneventful. It was nice spending time with my Dad and the girls enjoyed swimming at the hotel in Rock Springs, WY. We did have a long travel day Sat. as we reached Winnemucca, NV and there was "no room in the inn." So we called and got rooms in Reno and drove an extra couple hours - but it made Sundays journey that much shorter!
Thanks again to all who helped and fed us in DM before we left: Marci, Julie, Lori, Heidi, Mark, Megan. Miss you.
More later - susan

Monday, June 12, 2006

Last Post from Des Moines

It's been quite a week and God has blessed us with soooo many wonderful friends. Had a great day at church yesterday and has been a whirlwind trying to get everything ready. Here are a few pic's of the new place - they will "clean it up" by time we get there. Funky fireplace and all. Our love to all. Bart, Susan, Rachel & Kendra

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thank You's, Itinerary & What's Up.

We have had a busy couple weeks. Tried updating a couple of times but site must have been overloaded. We would like to say THANK YOU to all our friends who have met us at various "parties" and get togethers before we leave. Our ABF (Megan & Dana), Worship Team (Amy, Carol & Laura), Neighborhood (Heidi & Rachel) and park playdate (Lori). Thanks also to those who have kept me fed and sane at times (or the girls fed) - Julie, Lori, Megan, Jane C., Heidi & Mark. We have made some wonderful friends here - Thank You and we will MISS YOU!

The next couple weeks consists of the following:
June 12-14 Packing of house and loading of shipping/storage containers
June 15 - 18 Driving to and arriving in Sacto - avail. by cell only, big daddy Paul will drive with the girls and I and we will be staying at Sissy's in Orangevale while there
June 18 - 26 Sacto.
June 26 - 30 Cabin, Fresno ? and Sacto.
July 1 or 2 out to DC where Bart will be with us to the 5th or so and we will stay on with Mom
July 10th or 11th Zurich

Bart has been in Zurich this past week, is home for 1 1/2 days then heads to FL/Zurich again and will meet up with us on 6/23. He needs the vacation!

I have been getting things ready to go. Have to sort and pack for 1 month of US traveling, air shipment items, surface shipment items and DM storage items. It is much easier to pack to go cross country I've decided. Some key items were sold this last week which was great - Acura, leather couch and Bart's big TV (he'll miss it). The girls and I delivered Max to Jay & Shelly last night. Tough day. We will go see him again on Sun. with Bart. He was already mopey with all the "weird" activity around the house that I couldn't bear to bring up the big suitcases with him here - he tends to give me the cold shoulder when the suitcases come out. And I really need to pack. So, he is there now and they are very happy to have him - best place for him under the circumstances.
The next pic's posted will be of our new place. Bart was able to go visit while there this week and we look forward to it. Well, Lots of laundry to do today and final sorting & all the CA packing to do. Love - Susan & Family

Friday, June 02, 2006

Kendra & Natalie!

Here is Kendra playing with her great friend Natalie. Natalie's mom, Julie, has been a great friend to Susan. We say the girls are "twins separated by birth - with diff. genetics." They play the same, laugh at the same things, sing and just enjoy each others company alot. Their play time has been a great help to Susan as she gets ready for the move. Kendra is practically a part of their daytime family - we have been greatly blessed by the David's.

Speaking of moving. They pack us in DM 6/12 - 6/14 and then Susan & girls drive out to CA starting the 15th escorted by big daddy, Paul. Bart will already be gone on a Zurich, Des Moines, Orlando, NY and Zurich tour but will rejoin the family in CA for Susan's cousin Holly's wedding and some much needed vacation days. We head to DC out of Sacto. in time to celebrate the 4th of July with Grandma Elaine & John and will head to Zurich around 7/10 or so (Bart will go back earlier). We get the keys to our terrace flat in Wadenswil on 7/15 so should be able to move our air shipment boxes (dishes, clothing, bedding w/ air mattresses!) in on the 17th but then will prob. have a bit more time before the ocean-going items arrive - furniture, beds (for the bedding!!!), etc..... So while Bart works and sleeps on the air mattresses (how comfy), Susan & girls will probably head to Germany to play with his sister, Kara, and her girls - Julia & Natalie.

Keep us in your prayers - still a lot to happen before we move. And for a quick diagnosis for Rachel - she's been under the weather and we are pressing to get things cleared up before leaving.