Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well I forgot to take any good pic's of our garage sale goodies. But, here is Kendra playing in the middle of the drive while I am hanging out with my friend Megan. We unloaded many of our bigger items and I need to load up the truck with all the boxes and bags of leftovers for a Goodwill run. Had a lot of good stuff out there, my garage-saleing friends helped my price it BUT there was not much traffic so had a lot leftover. Goodwill said a lot of that is due to high gas prices. Makes sense.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Look what the Stork brought home!

Never having seen a stork before, we found them quite cool at the zoo in Zurich. Our one day of fun. There were flying overhead and landing on their massive nests. And they make a really weird clicking noise with their beaks - really loud (hmm, suprised the Swiss would allow them to be that loud - I'm sure there is a quiet time rule for animals as well as humans).

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good News! We have a home for Max. Jay and Shelly will be adopting Max here in DM. Jay works with Bart and has taken care of Max before when we've traveled and they really like him. It is very hard for us to realize that we have to leave him in the States but know that is the better decision for him at this point. We will enjoy him as much as possible these next few weeks.

Here we are along the river leading out of Lake Zurich in the middle of town. Had a great time at the park - girls are eating ice cream. We found a terrace flat to lease while we are there and the girls will go to ZIS (Zurich Int'l School) as long as mom finishes the paperwork, etc... More later on that end.


This is a site to keep us in contact with family and friends - especially while overseas. We will be in Zurich, Switzerland as of July, 2006 for approx. 3 years on a rotation assignment with Bart's job. We are really looking forward to this opportunity as a family and hope that any of our friends & family traveling around that part of the world will feel they have a place they can stay with us - we will have a guest room. Love you all.