Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This is a site to keep us in contact with family and friends - especially while overseas. We will be in Zurich, Switzerland as of July, 2006 for approx. 3 years on a rotation assignment with Bart's job. We are really looking forward to this opportunity as a family and hope that any of our friends & family traveling around that part of the world will feel they have a place they can stay with us - we will have a guest room. Love you all.


AntSoozie said...

Nice job on creating a blog and finding puppy a home. I hope this comment works since I ended up starting my own blog just trying to comment. Have fun in your new territory of SwissLand! Love to all.

Olson Family said...

Thanks Aunt Sue, The comment works. Let me know when you get your site address and I'll save it. Love you and see you in June.