Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well I forgot to take any good pic's of our garage sale goodies. But, here is Kendra playing in the middle of the drive while I am hanging out with my friend Megan. We unloaded many of our bigger items and I need to load up the truck with all the boxes and bags of leftovers for a Goodwill run. Had a lot of good stuff out there, my garage-saleing friends helped my price it BUT there was not much traffic so had a lot leftover. Goodwill said a lot of that is due to high gas prices. Makes sense.

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AntSoozie said...

Well the gas prices have not stopped me from Sailing! Or the rest of the annoying competion. My 13 year old car sits all week -only 65,000 miles on it. It is a small price for a morning of fun, lunch, and wonderful deals. The latest big find is my 8.00 Braun Juicer. Made fresh carrot juice and used the mashed carrots for my first carrot cake. Makes juice out the spout and baby food on the side with a push of button!