Friday, June 02, 2006

Kendra & Natalie!

Here is Kendra playing with her great friend Natalie. Natalie's mom, Julie, has been a great friend to Susan. We say the girls are "twins separated by birth - with diff. genetics." They play the same, laugh at the same things, sing and just enjoy each others company alot. Their play time has been a great help to Susan as she gets ready for the move. Kendra is practically a part of their daytime family - we have been greatly blessed by the David's.

Speaking of moving. They pack us in DM 6/12 - 6/14 and then Susan & girls drive out to CA starting the 15th escorted by big daddy, Paul. Bart will already be gone on a Zurich, Des Moines, Orlando, NY and Zurich tour but will rejoin the family in CA for Susan's cousin Holly's wedding and some much needed vacation days. We head to DC out of Sacto. in time to celebrate the 4th of July with Grandma Elaine & John and will head to Zurich around 7/10 or so (Bart will go back earlier). We get the keys to our terrace flat in Wadenswil on 7/15 so should be able to move our air shipment boxes (dishes, clothing, bedding w/ air mattresses!) in on the 17th but then will prob. have a bit more time before the ocean-going items arrive - furniture, beds (for the bedding!!!), etc..... So while Bart works and sleeps on the air mattresses (how comfy), Susan & girls will probably head to Germany to play with his sister, Kara, and her girls - Julia & Natalie.

Keep us in your prayers - still a lot to happen before we move. And for a quick diagnosis for Rachel - she's been under the weather and we are pressing to get things cleared up before leaving.

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AntSoozie said...

Hi - The girls are cute and that toy too! I was hoping Rachel was well by now and checking for the latest on that. Great coverage on the move too. Sounds pretty exciting and overwhelming too. We will see you soon!