Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy ??? Halloween

I'll admit it. I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween. I think I quit 'doing' Halloween after I turned 10 yrs old and only picked it up again for the costume parties a co-worker of Bart put on in Des Moines.

Of course, I always sent my youngsters out in their cute costumes for the Trick or Treating because I am NOT a Grinch. I also end up dumping most of the candy as they never eat it all.

Thus, I don't mind living in Switzerland where Halloween is virtually ignored. Those of you in the States have probably been looking at Halloween "stuff" since they took down the 4th of July displays.

BUT - I am thankful to Halloween for one reason. One reason which I was reminded of when Carol pulled a Brachs bag out of her luggage. Candy Corn!!!!!

She shared half her stash with us - Thank You Carol! And then Grandma Vel sent some in a box with B-day goodies for the girls. Switzerland knows chocolate but is lacking in corn syrup laden goodies.

So we are happily grazing on the best Halloween treat around and I was inspired to write this post while munching on Halloween Oreo's. With orange filling?! Who cares if I am eating orange dye today! It's not going to kill me. At least not quickly.

This from the Mom who admitted to her friends this last week that her children had never eaten any "Little Debbie's" treats. But I am willing to eat an orange-filled Oreo.


Josh & Sarah said...

You make me smile, friend. Eyes filling with tears...

Julie said...

Love orange Oreos! Glad to know you got a second round of candy corn, girlfriend!

Hugs to all,