Saturday, October 18, 2008

I was hungry in Hungary

It's true. The girls kept joking that they'd keep saying they were "hungry in Hungary" but it was a little true. I think it was the hotel buffet though, not the variety of food available in the Country as a whole. It seemed the hotel menu choices were better at the beginning of the week and then got blander as time went on.

Plus, they seasoned their veggies with spices which the girls didn't care for so they had pretty "white" plates - french fries, potatoes, pasta, bread.

Food aside - We are safely back and had a GREAT time seeing our friends from Des Moines AND getting to offer the Worship services for the Conference.

A few observations on the people I miss and got to serve with this week before I dig into the laundry:

Kevin - worship pastor extraordinaire. I still am awed to watch this group of musicians work together - Kevin says "I need it 'chunkier'" and they all know what he wants. I still wonder that he ever put me in the team- thank you. He listens to the whole sound, has a vision and is graceful in getting us all on the same page. Plus - He sings with his whole body and it ROCKS! Julie - your husband Rocks! I'd like a recording of 'Unleashed.'!
Julie - his beautiful and wonderful wife. Who also sings with her whole self and equally rocks - the girl's got soul. A wonderful friend who always has wise words ready and gives the biggest hugs - miss her already. Can't say more - might cry on my keyboard.
Carol - quiet, unassuming, beautiful and an extremely talented pianist/vocalist. We got to know each other better on this trip as most of our previous times before was at rehearsals. She is so much fun and I'm so glad to have had this time with her. She also walked me down to the Wellness Center and made sure I made an appointment for a upper back massage - then took the girls so I could do that. Thank you Carol! It made the drive Friday more comfortable.
Ben - don't take this wrong - it was almost like having my husband on the trip but NOT. No need to be jealous Makila - I'm happy for you as I am happy for myself with my man. A man who's organized, on time, financially savvy, cuts to the heart of a matter quickly and navigationally gifted. He was the navigator on our little excursions. Which I needed as 1) Bart was not with us and 2) 'Charlie,' my GPS man, decided he did not like Hungary and gave me many a blank screen. I'm confident at the driving part, it's the watching for turns in time (alone, I will make a couple U-turns as I see the turn while passing it).
Bradford - an incredibly talented musician and artist. And I think he grew in the last 2 yrs if that's possible for a man in his early 20's? Newly married (celebrated Year 1 before coming over - Congratulations) and so kind and funny to Rachel and Kendra (they all were by the way). To spend time with Bradford is to get to know Bradford. A man with a warm heart, a quirky sense of humor, can laugh at himself and make a lot of people laugh with him - must come from a good family :).

As the girls would say "We met the nicest people" from all over Europe - western and eastern - including places such as Turkey, Tanzania and Estonia. There were missionaries/church planters from about 15 different countries - some Nationals and some from the US. The girls met more of them than I did!

What can I say about Rachel and Kendra on this trip. They had great attitudes and we had only one melt-down from Kendra - at bedtime when the power went out a couple times. Understandable. They did great and had a fun time on the playground, in the pool and hanging out with grown-ups.

I'll share more later - with pic's - but today is Kendra's B-day, we have much laundry and I am still trying to wake up after speeding through Germany and Austria yesterday. :)

I'd say Goodbye in Hungarian but I didn't pick up a word! So - Tschuss!


Judy said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a wonderful time and got to meet my friends from Budapest! I will try to email you sometime this week. (Haven't been very good at emailing lately, so hopefully it will happen. :))

Makila said...

I am so glad you had such a good time. Ben had a great time and said he loved getting to spend time with everyone. He said K & R were so good and so sweet. Good talkers too! ltm. Thanks for sharing details. Looking forward to pictures.

Josh & Sarah said...

So glad that you and the girls were able to join the Valley gang. Wishing that I could have been there to see you, too! Can't wait for pictures. :)