Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Kendry - #8!

Kendra cracks us up - she must read the card before getting to the present. Even if there is a letter in it - it must all be read before moving on. I think she likes ALL the anticipation and drama that goes with the present process. Stretch it alllllll out........ She opened these the night of her birthday - day after getting back from Hungary. Gee, look at that (above), how many kids do you know who get Nature Valley Peanut Butter granola bars in their Birthday presents?

Seriously - my mom knows how to pack a box and when sending overseas, it's all about how much you can stuff into every available space. Most boxes arrive with very little filler/packing peanuts. We find that baggies and oatmeal work great as box fillers and are light-weight. Yeah - we think too hard about these kind of things.

As her Bday fell during the Fall Break, her party was this last weekend instead. I told my sweet husband the reason I married him was for his Birthday Party assistant skills. I kid you not - I might have been comatose or tied up by pick-up time if he hadn't been there - or halfway through a bottle of Chianti.

Our flat with it's walls of concrete, floors of limestone tile, lack of wall to wall carpeting and lack of window hangings combined with the excited shouts of 9 little girls was enough to drive me through the roof. That, and I have some sensitive hearing issues - so does Kendra. Kendra was at tears within 10 min. and I had to stop everyone and explain the situation. The girls did seem to get it and when reminding them the noise - HURT -, they calmed down for at least 3 minutes.

They had a fun time with the Nancy Drew 'detective' theme that Kendra picked out and got into the Mystery we arranged for them. Kendra really gets into the 'Birthday' planning and ideas so I was just happy it all went well. She was happy with it. What a Sweetie!

Til next year Kendra. I may be recovered by then. :)


Linds said...

Happy Birthday Kendra! It looks like a great time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday kendra!!! we love you so much and miss you tons..
love uncle j, aunt krissy, & cousin jayden