Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Proof!

That Carol & Julie did, in fact, fly into Zurich and then road-tripped with the girls and I to Hungary.

Poor things. After flying into Frankfurt from Chicago, there was a delay getting into Zurich and then we had a small train mishap (the train which normally goes all the way to our town from the airport, went only one stop and then asked everyone to get off as it was going to return the other direction - fortunately, another train was right behind it. But if you've never had to haul luggage on and off trains and walk quickly, while jet-lagged, I don't know if you can fully appreciate their good sense of humor.). It was so good to see their faces.

On the train (again) as we head into Zurich that evening for a city stroll and yummy Italian food. Further proof - here they are on the wanderweg above our house - complete with Swiss cows and Alps in the background.
From the city tower in Sopron, Hungary. It was so nice to visit with girlfriends from home. I've made some really nice friends here but, sometimes, somehow, it doesn't feel the same. Not yet.
OK - Here's the set-up with the girls during the Missions Conference. By time we had arrived for "our" portion of the conference, any kids who had been there over the weekend were gone - back to school. Except for little Katie from Portugal but, at 10 months, she didn't prove a qualified playmate - even though she was extremely cute.

The girls made themselves at home in the lobby area of the conference center either playing with their toys, watching ScoobyDoo dvd's or eating dinner at makeshift tables (they wanted to swim longer so we snuck their plates out of the dining area :) ). They had to manage themselves several times a day in this fashion.

They never complained. They even helped arrange books for one of the leaders on the break tables one night. They really enjoyed meeting all the people and if you ask them how their vacation went, they'll tell you "Great."

Rachel and Kendra especially cracked us up one night playing "Catch Phrase." J & K had a suite they shared with B & B so there was a nice sitting area. We were playing the game after the evening session was over and it was Rachel's turn (she played for the guys). She starts describing her word - with hand's a-flying: "You watch a lot of these" "They're on TV" "You can watch a lot all at the same time" "It's on Cartoon channel" "You watch Tom & Jerry all day"

And then we got it - "Marathon" - that was her word. Like J said - it couldn't be "you train for this, you run 26 miles......" Nope - out of the mouth of babes - cartoon marathon.

So there's a bit. More later.


Josh & Sarah said...

A tv marathon is probably the only kind of marathon I'll ever be a part of, too! :)

Makila said...

Ben told me about Catch Phrase and he still laughing about how funny it was! :)