Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Day - Ready for Hungary!

This may be my last post for a week unless I find myself up early Sunday morning with nothing to do until the guests wake up.

Guests! We're having guests!

I think I've exhibited much self-control on the blog re: the announcement of impending guests. I never tire of the anticipation of seeing someone from 'home.' And the girl's and I will be traveling together with them. Yahoo!

Julie & Carol will be arriving tomorrow afternoon from Iowa. Iowa friends! And no, neither of them grow corn or live 150 miles from the nearest town. And Iowa not to be confused with Idaho or Ohio - can't believe how many people made those 'mistakes' when we moved there.

We will be going to Hungary with them this next week for a Global Missions conference focused on Church planting for the missionaries/pastors located in EuroAsia. J & C are part of the Worship (music) team from our home church in DM that is preparing the worship sessions for the conference. The 'men' are already safely in Sopron and we'll join them for the general conference.

Story behind this and lessons I (S) have learned:

Last Spring, Julie & Kevin asked if I'd be interested in joining the team in going (I use to sing on the team in IA). I was honored to be asked and thought it would be a great time to get away, serve others and renew friendships. And I was certain I would be able to find someone to watch the girls so Bart could work and I could go away alone.

Sure, the girls had their Fall break (no school for the week) and Bart's schedule would be tight but I really thought over the months of asking and praying that somehow it would all work out. It has worked out but God worked it out differently than I thought it should be. Like He always does. And - guess what? His way is totally better than mine. Big suprise.

Every childcare possibility fell through and the accelerated quarter close schedule for Bart's client plus the current world economic situation ensures that he will be virtually living at the office for the next week - not good for the wife to be away and the kids left at home.

Kevin called in early Sept. to say they really needed to know for conf. sign-ups. I said I couldn't commit to the Conf. after all but that I would be driving J & C to Hungary (they had already planned to land in Zurich first and then we had planned to overnight train to Hung.) with my girls. We would just stay a couple days and then head home - long enough to see everyone but get out of their hair. And I hoped we could at least get a room at the hotel.

Well - A couple of days has essentially turned into the whole conference. The hotel had room for us plus half-board (breakfast & dinner), I will be able to do some of the worship sets with them, the girls are thrilled to be going (hotel has a huge playground & an indoor pool - goes a long way with them) and we were able to borrow a keyboard from a musician in our Zurich church which saved having one shipped from the US or the cost of renting.

All along, I was trying to go for myself, by myself. When God obviously wants my children to go along with me. I love them with all my heart and would worry when I left them but I do like getting a little time away - which I got last weekend - funny how these things work out. Living overseas is the same as moving to a different city or state from where your family lives. It's just harder to get time away and refresh yourself - resources are harder to come by - no family and it takes time to establish friendships that might allow you to leave the kids overnight. Bart and I laugh - we've had 1 night alone (together) in the last 3 + years.

The conversations I've been able to have with Rachel & Kendra over the past month about this trip have been priceless. The closeness we have and the teamwork we experience as a family is possible because of the opportunity we've been given - to live far from "home" and its culture and to rely on each other. We are so blessed. And I am looking forward to this trip with more excitement that they are going than if I was leaving them behind. The girls are hoping to be "helpful to the people" and want to sing "songs we used to sing at our old church."

Looks like we'll have good travel weather and Julie, Carol & I will have a nice, loud American friend reunion outside of Customs at Zuerich Flughafen tomorrow.

Which means I need to finish cleaning up the guest room, bathrooms, vacuum......... Not to mention work on dinner - chili tonight. The goal has been to leave a supply of frozen dinners for Bart so he won't starve next week - it'll be late nights for him - reheat & serve.

So there you go - I'll be back next week. If you are willing, I ask for your prayers for the health and safety during this next week. Driving on the Autobahn again! :)

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