Friday, October 03, 2008

CD's, DVD's - Cleaning them up!

Finally - I got to the mess of CD's and DVD's that have inhabited the small entertainment portion of our flat. I've meant to do this for - about a year.

I've been missing too many things, lost accompaniment music for church, we go on too many trips - loads of empty cases. Where are the accompanying CD's?

It's all nice and neat now. I even have some room for a few more DVD's - some Birthdays and Christmas will fill some of that.

What I found funny was how sentimental music can be. I still can't throw away my Paula Abdul "Forever Your Girl" CD or Bart's Scorpion's CD's (not that I would dare!). Some of them remind me of childhood (John Denver), some from HS (Foreigner/Van Halen/early Amy Grant) and then the eclectic mix that ranges from Rosemary Clooney to Pearl Jam to Josh Groban to Alicia Keys to Third Day to Casting Crowns and so on...

It felt good to get it all sorted. And vaguely alphabetized - organization is a good thing.

And found my Wynonna CD for warmin' up - 'cause she's got a nice low range. It's comfy. I'm sure Bart will be thrilled.


Makila said...

Oh, I like Wynonna! :)

Anonymous said...

You must be preparing for Dad's visit..I toyed with regrouting the bathroom floor in the guestroom since my brother is coming but decided to go hiking instead.