Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little Austria....

No - I don't pose my children dancing and hugging. They do it all by themselves - in fields, on streets and in front of churches - and at tram/bus/train stations. It makes for some fun pictures. We stopped in Mondsee, Austria overnight on our way to Sopron. The next morning was beautiful and we took advantage of the guys calling to tell us we weren't needed until 3:30pm (original was 12 - 1) to do a little walking by the lake & checking out the church.
This being the church where the wedding scene for the Sound of Music was shot.
Mondsee is a tiny, lakeside town right off the Autobahn and about 1/2 hr out of Salzburg. Very convenient for an overnight stop driving through Austria.

My plug for Austria: 1) they speak German, you know, the regular kind 2) Vienna and Salzburg are only 3 hrs from each other 3) prices are cheaper than in Switzerland 4) they are 'German' and thus - clean, public restrooms (don't ask for a 'restroom' in Europe though - they will look at you quizzically - ask for the 'Toilet' - because that's what you need) and 5) there are plenty of places to go/things to do that are Family friendly.

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