Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Mighty Ducks!

Bart and I endured a complete victory dance and whooping and hollering last night as the Mighty Ducks beat the Hawks in the playoff game - 20 or so years later. Thank You Disney - still going strong!

Of course we had to convince R & K that they might enjoy the movie - it did not involve any princesses, mermaids or animated characters! And we also have to factor the R & K differences - one likes a little scary, one doesn't; one likes Barbie movies, one not so much; one likes horse movies, one - not if they're scary (apparently Black Stallion qualifies as scary). So our "Family Movie Nights" are teaching us all the skills of negotiation. Maybe we'll raise a lawyer.

Spring is coming to Switzerland - skiied on ice and then slush last week, it's been raining and I have planted the little Spring perennials in pots and the garden to brighten things up. We have visitors coming so I hope we have beautiful blue skies for them and good health for all. Otherwise, life is just moving at it's normal fast pace and we are ready for another week.

Here are our 'mighty ducks' in Davos. This is the big rink there - the indoor ice stadium is there behind and the outdoor hockey rink is behind the nets to the left. A lot of ice! The girls love to skate - not sure why but they love it. And they manage to stay on their feet most of the time - so do I! I had not ice-skated for, OH, 20 yrs or so until this year. So have to say it's not been a favorite sport but I've always stayed on my feet - figure roller skating & roller blading served me well. But see what we have here:
It seems that nearly every time I take the girls skating, a little girl or group of girls hang onto us. Figuratively. That don't speak any English. So I am trying to translate with English and High German from the Swiss German they speak. I've learned to say - you guys go skate together - and try to remove myself. This let's them all work it out together. I think my girls were most impressed by the ice-skating outfit of the little girl above. And her spins. They wanted to spin too - and tried. Notice mine are wearing their ski helmets while ice-skating. There's a good reason for that!

Mighty Ducks they aren't but they sure have a lot of fun.


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Anonymous said...

I love to see kids playing so well with each other, even language does not stop them. The helmets? Probably a good idea, wonder how Sarah Hughes would look in a helmet? Yamaguchi?


mandy said...

FUN movie! fun pictures!
and FUN that spring is coming!!!!