Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Few Snapshots as I get my Brain organized

Well, J & S have gone. I took them to the airport early Monday morning and then went home and took a nap. We had a very full week and a Happy Easter. It's been snowing off and on since afternoon on Sunday (Easter) and although most of the time it didn't accumulate, the temps turned cooler over Mon. night and I shoveled about 8 inches yesterday. So - Welcome Spring. More snow now than we had all winter. The girls have been on break since last Wed. so it's nice to hibernate a bit.

Although in leaving for the airport at 6am Mon. we found the temp outside cold enough (-5 C) that the doors for the lift were frozen (our lift is an outdoor 'funicular/tram'). So we had to carry the luggage down 6 flights in snow - Joy.

While I try to organize my thoughts re: the past week, I will leave you with these items that I didn't have time to post last week.

Saturday morning lift line at Jacobshorn (Davos). Rachel and I stood in line for 1/2 hr before we got on the chair (a 2 seater that services the bunny hill and goes further to the main part of the mountain). Once you get to the top, you then split off to about 5 different 4 - 6 person lifts which makes standing in line no problem!

Take a good look at this line however - lift lines in Switzerland have NO organization - it's not really a line at all. You just all squeeze together and shove your way forward until you are next to get on the chair. Beware polite and timid Americans - you will be squeezed to the back of the pack if you are not careful. I want to get on that hill bad enough that I've had no problems getting to the chair :). There are some beautiful bridges here. This one leads out of Klosters into the tunnel for Davos.
Ah - one of the girls favorite words in the German language - Ausfahrt. It makes them giggle. They also know when we've left France, etc... for Germany or Switz. by the exit signs.
Where else but in Switzerland can you find a man riding the chair lift and skiing with his dog? Is there another place? Please tell me. Just thought you might get a kick out of this. There's a common saying in the expat world that "the Swiss treat their dogs better than their children." I wouldn't exactly agree with that statement but for reasons that would take an entire post to explain - maybe at a later date.
And here we are - sitting on the road through Wolfgang Pass. I was just sooooo glad we have the snow tires. Our tires get changed out each spring and fall. "Paul" comes and takes the car while leaving his (it's sad - a Mercedes station wagon) and gets the car serviced, changes the tires and brings it back to me. Can we all say "SPOILED." I will admit it! I've never enjoyed taking the car in to the shop - Bart will agree with that based on the many times he'd ask "when are you taking the truck in to get serviced." "uuuuhhhhh - I didn't have time?" I just don't like it. Confession over. Have a great day and I'll post about our great visit with J & S before we leave for Spring Break trip on Sat!

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Josh & Sarah said...

haha! Oh yes, the "ausfahrt" signs...brought back memories as I remembered my youngest brother getting a kick out of them when we in Germany, summer '00. I think my dad may have had some comments about it, too, come to think of it. (Must be something that Rocks in My Dryer had in that one post...)