Monday, March 17, 2008

Mac n' Cheese and Madeira wine

Yesterday I picked up J & S from the airport. They arrived from CA and were still standing on their own two feet even without much sleep. It's a loooonnnngggg day. So they rested yesterday but before that, they unloaded a whole suitcase of stuff for us - Mac n' Cheese, Log Cabin syrup, Cumin powder (can only get seeds here, not the ground stuff - and I'm not adding a pestle & mortar to my kitchen gadgets - that's more work!), Eastery things, Enchilada seasoning, etc...

But that bag was really heavy and I joked they must have lugged some CA wine to Europe with them. J looked funny but then brought out - in bubble wrap - a beautiful bottle of Madeira wine from Napa! Two large bottles of syrup and the Madeira make for a heavy bag. Now I just need help with the Madeira :).

Probably could have used it after Sundays drive home from Davos! It had shades of "chain controls on I-80 over the Donner Summit" written all over it. Except the pass isn't as steep, there were no actual signs letting you know that chain controls were on and fortunately - we had the proper snow tires so they let us through. I have some pic's - will download later and add to that trip.

Bart only worked 27 hrs this weekend and finally caught a cab to arrive home at midnight yesterday. You'd think he was working in TAX - but he's not. Pray this ends on Thurs.!

I'm off now to play mom & tour guide - I love having company - and I especially love this company. FUN! (and not just because they brought Mac n' Cheese and stuff :) )

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