Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Day

Lately, life has been a mix of crazy busy with moments of peace which I get by saying "No" to things that might otherwise fill up remaining free time. Bart is working a ton - 12 days and on weekends. So I try to get things done so that the time we do have is 'good' time. Rachel just let for her class Ski Trip - 3 days and 2 nights. Last year was the first time she had gone overnight with school and we were all a bit nervous. For her, it is great and she does wonderful. But we miss her - even all the chatter. But I will have 2 afternoons without "R - tone it down" "R - one thing at a time" "R - we are all waiting" "R - chill out." I will get my ears prepared for Friday when she returns.

A blogger gal I read regularly discussed what one will and won't see/read on her blog. I reflected upon this yesterday afternoon as I took a little break from my to-do's to have a snack.
Here is what you see: Some of my favorite things - B & J's Choc. Fudge Brownie, flowers and big snowflakes. What you won't see: the interior of the ice-cream pint, whether I eat it out of a bowl or straight from the carton, the pint of Choc. Chip Cookie Dough ice-cream (the girls really like it so I try to keep my mitts off), my political views vs B & J's (because I don't eat a lot of ice cream and when I do, this is what I like as long as there are no candidate pictures present - I don't care whom, it would just ruin my appetite) and no post about the exchange rate on buying 9.90 chf pints of imported B & J's - because there isn't really much difference now between the Franc and the $$$ and no point complaining about it.

I was thinking yesterday we lived in a little slice of Camelot - the big, beautiful flakes fall but there is nothing to shovel - it all melts, it's March...... until this morning. And after the little mini-blizzard blew thru in the last hour - after this picture - I will have to shovel. But first - I will go to German class aka Deutschstunde and spreche auf Deutsch.
And then I will shovel - because now the sun is shining and the little blizzard which dropped 2 - 3 more inches is gone - Hooray!!!!

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mandy said...

HA HA!!!!

i LOVE the list of what you won't see... HA!