Monday, March 10, 2008

Beauty comes at a Price

The girls are running in a field that had sheep in it last week. They've removed the electric tape fences and thus "the hills are alive" syndrome is in effect. Hmmm... letting children run through fields that just recently had livestock grazing in them. Could be a tad messy? Aha, but know this, part of the renewable and employable resources in this country include a young or old person with a cart who goes around the fields and, yes, scoops stuff up. Makes de-tassleing corn sound pretty good now, doesn't it? (little joke for the IA folks)

The point of this observation is - Switzerland can be really pretty and, OH, the green, green fields. Some of which were sprayed with liquid fertilizer last week. Based on the above comments - guess where that liquid fertilizer comes from? IT IS GROSS!! My sensitive nose was assaulted! But sure makes the fields pretty. Beauty does come at a price - phew! Bad news is that was just the beginning - it will continue through the month of March weather permitting. Just have to put up with it. R and K in their favorite tree. Sunday afternoon walk.
So - What do you do when you are kids and have a giant pit in your backyard? Throw big chunks of snow into it for fun!
And when you've exhausted your supply of giant snowballs, get into the big pit and bowl them. They sure had a lot of fun. They keep asking me to run some water in the bottom so it will freeze and they can ice skate in the backyard. Hmmm - No! Dropping Rachel at the school early for the Ski Trip.

Rachel with her classmates - they were so excited.
Kendra showing Dad her puppet and art book that related to the fairytale she wrote and illustrated. She did a wonderful job with her presentation and wrote a really detailed story. We were very proud.
Hopefully Blogger will be nicer to me - have had a few issues. Maybe because I giggle everytime it asks me for my 'Nutzername.' That's the user name/email address in German - still makes me giggle.


Josh & Sarah said...

I love the ice bowling in the "pool!" Very creative. C'mon, mom, just a little water? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Josh and Sarah...just a little water?