Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahh - Can't think of a title today - Lame

Lest I lead you all astray (my posts have had a blue twist to them) - we do like it here. Everyone I know, who has had to adjust to a new/foreign place, does go through little 'bluesy' phases. Within the USA or out. I think its the long winter, knowing we won't be visiting (the States) for another 4 months, Kris pregnant/showers, etc.... gets to us - because we can't be there, live and in person, for those fun personal moments.

I thought of our IA time and my transition there from CA at the bakery the other night. The gal on Tues. nights, when we go after dropping Rachel off for riding, doesn't speak any English. But she does speak Italian, French, Spanish, High German and Swiss German - just no English - Geesh! She complemented me on my pronunciation of Oester Chuechli (a tasty little treat only available at Easter/Oester), the gentleman behind chuckled and we spoke a bit - he spoke excellent Engl. so she she wanted to know what the word in Engl. was for 'sachli' - he said 'bag.' She asked then if I wanted a bag. Before, she always asks if I want a 'sachli' which sounds like 'sackly'. I said the Swiss German 'sachli' was very close to our word 'sack' which means the same. The gentleman looked bemused and I told him that in CA it was called a bag - and that he was correct. But we moved to IA and was usually asked if I wanted a 'sack.'

To be honest - it always bugged me to be asked if I wanted a "sack." Or "in the sack." But I can handle 'sachli'. Enough ranting......

I am SO EXCITED to have visitors this Spring I can't stand it. A very close friend (BF since 8th grade) is going to trust me with her mom (J) and daughter (S - 13 yrs) next week. And then my mom and her BF are coming in April. I will ask, if you are willing, to pray for our visit with J & S next week - S has been sick and is on antibiotics. And S has JRA (juvenile rheumatic arthritis) which has really reared it's ugly head this winter. Being sick with infection has hindered her ability to take the JRA med's this last 2 weeks. Please pray that she will feel well for the flight and the arthritis will not hinder her fun of visiting die Schweiz. I did promise no mountain climbing :). We can visit many places without having to walk extensively - we can see much of Zurich via tram! or the boat! or the train! And gondola's to take us up the mountains!

I realized that I made a mistake in a previous post about my dear husband. He is working way too much - only good news is that the client has to work as much or more right now. It doesn't sound fair of me but they are the cause of the upheaval this busy season. It's in the newspapers here so I'm not giving away any 'confidential' information. He hasn't been working 12hr days. It's really been more like 14 - with a little reading brought home, and the weekends. Everyone on his team has their little Vit. C brausetabletten canisters at their desks. These are big Vit. C tabs that you put into a glass of water, they fizz like alka seltzer and are pretty tasty. Beats swallowing a giant horse pill. He is afraid if he does get any time to relax - he will drop down sick. He's probably right. After Easter, honey, after Easter.

I am now faced with going to Davos alone with the girls again. It is the KPMG family ski weekend but Bart and his crew will not be there - they will be working. At this point the Co. has to pay for the rooms re: of whether we show up or not. Therefore, several spouses/families are still going.

I asked the girls "Do you want to go with Daddy or not, because Daddy has to work this weekend?"

Rachel immediately "Not go - I don't want to go without Daddy."

Me rephrasing question "This will probably be our last ski trip for the year as Spring is arriving and the snow is starting to melt - are you sure?"

Rachel "Yeah, let's go. Daddy will be at work anyway."

? for the family - Where did Rachel's genes come from, and let's skip a generation, shall we? We need this picture with Rachel inserted:

I was feeling a bit guilty for deciding to go but as B and I talked about it, I realized us being gone would relieve some of his guilt for having to be gone again. We will go. And it should be fun - I'm just so thankful the girls enjoy it!

I hope you all have a good day. My posts should get a little more cheerful as Spring arrives - but, can't promise there won't still be some 'deep' posts here and there.

Because, when you find yourself, a 40-ish person, who never dreamed she would get to live in a foreign country, running for trains, speaking a foreign language and being understood, leading worship at church (1/mo) and living in a place with a VIEW - you find yourself thinking deep thoughts once in a while. And thanking God an awful lot. For everything. Every single day.


Anonymous said...

Have a great visit with J & S, I know it will work out. As to Davos, Rach does have a few of my genes....MomE

mandy said...

you said "in the sack"
THAT'S funny.

Olson Family said...

Ah Mandy - the sarcastic comments that ran thru my head when asked if "you want it in the sack" were just not nice and pleasing :). How can such an innocent ? raise the hair on the back of my neck I don't know. :)