Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CH, France and Cool story at END of post

We had a great time with Judy & Sam. Judy is the mother of my close friend, S, who I've known since 8th grade. Sam is S's daughter - it was a grammy/grand daughter trip for Sam's Bday. "Aunt" Susan was very honored that S would choose to spend her special trip with Grammy in Switzerland with us. Not to mention, J is like a 2nd mom and friend to me as well. Again, it was great to have them.

We did some touring around Zurich by Tram. The girls liked the 'new' trams as they had these nice back seating areas. Not that they were looking out the window at the view - they were playing clapping/slapping hand games! Easter window display at a Chocolatier/Confiserie. Always elaborate and fun for every season.
S watching the swans from the Kapell bridge in Luzern. She loved feeding them as much as we do.
We went to France on Thurs. and our first stop was Haut Koenigsbourg near Colmar. It is a medieval castle high on a small mountain/large hill in the Alsace region of France. It was renovated by Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany in the 19th Century but treaty of Versailles gave that area to the French - the Rhein river became the new border for the area (about 20 minutes away). First mention of the Castle is 12th Century so it's origins are old - even though much of what you see today there is reproduction. The surrounding hills are littered with little towers and schlosses that make it very appealing to the imagination.

The girls had a wonderful time exploring the Castle. As it was the day before Good Friday (all of Europe shut down - that was a surprise to us :) ) and not exactly the height of tourist season, there was hardly anyone on the grounds. The girls were able to explore, imagine and play throughout at their leisure and we had a great time.

Height of Kingly fashion at the time but I don't think I'd be using this light fixture in my own castle - just saying. Has a 70's meets hunting lodge feel. But I didn't see any avocado green wall to wall carpeting.
After the Castle, we headed down to Monkey Mountain which I've posted before. Always a treat for the kids and grown ups. We then headed to Colmar for shopping and dinner which became a life lesson adventure.

Not all lessons are easy but sometimes the lesson learned ends up well and God uses it for much good.

We left Colmar after dinner and arrived to our hotel in Freiburg, Germany (about 40 min. in rain). Sam realized she didn't have her purse and must have lost it somewhere between the restaurant and the parking garage in Colmar. Her spending money, gift cards, etc... were lost. Fortunately, J had her passport so we spent our time reassuring her that the money lost was not the important thing. We did return the next morning to the restaurant (no luck) and retraced our steps but the purse was not to be found. We tried.

Amazing thing - Saturday while in Luzern again, we get a call from her mom in CA. Sis was awakened by a call from France! A gentleman and his daughters found the purse - all intact - and wished to know how to return it. God answered Sam's prayers and restored faith that there are honest people everywhere who wish to do the right thing. Judy and I had written that purse off. We just didn't think someone would make that effort. Mr. E.H. did and via email we know the purse is on it's way to Switzerland and we will forward on.

Thank You Mr. E.H.

Which just made Easter Sunday that much sweeter. In the snow! That's our cool story for the week. Lessons learned and hope restored. It was great.

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