Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good News!

I just saw my Russian Neighbor whom we will call N.

She is alive and well and looked perfectly adorable in her apron and gloves, helping her husband move tile into the house. Asked how she was, she said "Perfect." I'm still not sure where she's been all winter but at least it now feels normal to have seen her. And I know she is very shy - with limited English and German skills so she never has seemed to socialize a lot.

Unlike her American neighbor who tries to talk in her very imperfect German with anyone who will listen. How desperate! Hee Hee

So - welcome back to the neighborhood, N. Whereever you may have been. And I will be trying to find out this Spring when she is out gardening - that is when we've had small chat's in the past.


Julie said...

Ok, Susan, I'm trying to figure out blog etiquette and whether I should respond to your comments on my blog or yours. So I came over to yours to respond to the strappy shoes question...we'll be wearing them, all right! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, don't cha' think?! : )
So are you in charge of all the music and such for Easter over there? How's it going? Glad to hear from you, friend! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! -J

mandy said...