Monday, February 18, 2008

Compassion International - Febr. Blog Month

OK - We're back (again! I feel like I use that "we're back" bit alot) but I'm not ready for anything as I've had a BAD cold since last Wed. and have just kept going for sake of the family and vacation. But I have the best husband and very sweet kids who have been willing to let me sleep and not pressure me too hard for anything.

So I am going to put a plug in for Compassion International before I sort thru vacation pic's and decide which little skier's I want to post.

February is Blog Month for Compassion International and they sent a team of Bloggers to Uganda last week. "Blogging" has become a unique form of communication in this day and age of technology - I know I enjoy reading some blogs regularly for news, entertainment, inspiration and just to stay in touch. Compassion's goal with this particular trip is to educate others about the work they are doing and the needs there are in Uganda through the avenue of blogging.

I have put the URL link to Compassion in our little sidebar. I confess I am technically challenged in that I am unable to get the whole link for the Uganda Blog Site picture and everything to show. I'm an accountant - not a techie. So you just click there and then get into the Febr. Blog month site. Sophie (aka BooMama), Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer) and Anne (FlowerDust) are blogs I am familiar with on a regular basis - the other sites are equally good as I check them out - Shaun Groves has some really great comments.

We sponsor a child (Eloisa) in Mexico (matter of fact, that happened as a result of the 'Gloria' tour in DM which Shaun Groves and others were performing). Although her story is different than that of the children in Uganda, the comments brought by the bloggers there make her seem more real to me. We got a nice letter last month with a crayon drawing from her. We have so much - and such a little bit can make a difference.

I know - more deep thinking.

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Josh & Sarah said...

Could my reading of this post come at any more perfect of a time? When Josh and I were in Orlando, the president/founder of Compassion was one of the speakers. He was the best speaker we heard that week.

After he talked, Josh and I started talking about how Hannah and Caleb still pray daily for and talk about the kids they made Operation Shoeboxes for at C'mas time. In our house, they are affectionately referred to as "the little boy and the little girl." We thought it would be so neat if we could find Compassion kids with b'days the same (or close to) as our kids. Then they could have actual faces and names of a girl and a boy to pray for.

Just last night I was on the Compassion site looking at kids. There is only one girl who has a b'day the same month as Hannah. So we are taking a day or so to pray about it, but your post seems to have come at a good time for that push in the right direction. There weren't any boys with the same b'day month as Caleb, so we'll probably wait to find a child for him. I don't think that kids start the program until they are 3 years old. We have a few months until Caleb turns 3, so maybe we'll find a little boy in a few months.

Thanks for your deep thoughts, friend. I love them...and God uses them!