Saturday, February 09, 2008

To Last thru the Week -

We are taking a 'proper' ski holiday for the girls winter school break. Actually known as Ski Break by most schools in Switzerland because we had 'winter' break over Christmas. And most people - Swiss and foreigners alike - use this time to indulge in the Swiss passion for skiing.

So the girls and I are headed to Davos for a week and Bart will join us near the end when he can get away from work. I will not have a computer - I am taking a lot of books and will watch German cable TV. Maybe improve my German by watching (the rest of the world seems to learn English by watching US/UK tv) - the German version of American Idol is running - it's really funny and well, I don't want to make fun of them but, the German accents with English lyrics - hee, hee.

Anyhooo - will leave off the blog for a week with some funnies. Bart informed me that I was really "heavy" on my other post :) . Sometimes things are heavy. But the following are not -

Here is a 'pretty girl' I found while walking around during a riding lesson. Here's another 'pretty girl' during her riding lesson.
Can you tell which parent Rachel and Kendra are related to from this Pic?
Can you see the little, white wire running off our roof into the window below? It's attached to the satellite dish which is not visible to anyone except a helicopter or anyone playing on the roof.
Can you see the wire now? We are the top unit - try real hard to see that wire. Apparently, it is an eyesore and the neighborhood is in danger of looking like an Auslander compound. So we must have the satellite installers come and re-route the wire so that the 8 people who might look up our way cannot see it. We apologize in advance to anyone who would have us as neighbors upon our return. At least WE clean the snow off the steps so as to not KILL anyone trying to get down them. Ooooh - maybe that is our neighbors evil plan - that the Auslanders fall down the steps..... OK, I'm exaggerating a bit but we do have a neighbor who creates a hazard by not cleaning off the snowy stairs which then become an ice-slick. And I'm afraid to do it or they may get use to my generosity and never do it themselves. Here is our other 'pretty girl' on old fashion day. Recognize the dress Aunt Debbie? K kept asking how 'old' the dress was so she could tell her class. Gma E made it around 1982 when the Gunne Sax style was popular in CA - she was quite the seamstress - that dress is in excellent condition. Especially considering it was originally worn by the official tomboy of the "Bianco Girls."
My mom found this card at Hallmark in Virginia and sent it to Bart for his Bday. OK - all of my IA readers - Can this challenge be met? I'm still racking my brain...... Just another sunrise - which is coming earlier - Yeah!
So - enjoy your week and I look forward to mine - skiing and spending uninterrupted time with the girls. Bart has been supplied with several nights of frozen lasagna and chili so he should survive!

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Josh & Sarah said...

That card is one of the funniest things I have seen! The sad part is that I can't think of anything that would complete the challenge! lol!