Monday, February 04, 2008

Last bit from HI - I promise

One last look at HI. In Oahu. We really had such a good time getting to know my sister's kids. But after 4 nights in the same house with 5 kids and 7 adults, the Olson's checked into the hotel down the road. And we got to spend a lot of time especially with JT (4 yrs) who is like a little man and a real joy to be around.

Grandpa Paul gave the girls little digital camera's for Christmas which they were thrilled about. Now, our only problem will be managing their pic's along with mom's. As the computer just started to make funny noises again, I figured I'd back up the Jan. picture files (everything prior was backed up by the professionals at the computer repair shop). It only took 3 1/2 CD's to back them up - OH - maybe I take too many pictures. The kids are all hangin' loose with Uncle Neti.
The balloon man at Teihanni's B-day party was a big hit. Kendra is getting her palm tree with monkey. There were giant hat's, dogs, giant spiders, love birds in a giant heart - he was the best I've ever seen. Not that I am a big expert at balloon animals - we were all quite impressed.
And the special 1 year old - Teihanni - Princess for the day.
The Tafisi Ohana - JT, Deb, Tavanni, Neti and Teihanni.
Ohana is Hawaiian for family. Hawaiians are known for their friendliness and hospitality. We always have a great time when we stay with my sister and her family. It has brought another culture to our growning family and we have great appreciation for Neti's barbeque - good job Deb!
Most of you reading know the reason for such a great big party for the 1 year birthday. For those that don't, a brief explanation. In the Hawaiian culture (and many Pacific Rim/Asian cultures), the 1st Birthday is cause for great celebration - it may be as big as a graduation, even wedding party depending on the family. If a child was able to stay alive thru the 1st year, it's chances of long life were great - dates back to when infant mortality rates were much higher that they are today. This tradition has continued and therefore we've tried to make the effort to attend these parties and we've only missed one. We had just moved to Switzerland and missed Tavanni's party.
So - that's HI. I will be moving on - I have furry tales to tell, anniversary to share and general complaints. But we have to see how the computer holds up - I think I'll be shopping this week.

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