Thursday, February 21, 2008

Davos - Ski Week

I've been looking forward to a trip like this for a long time. A week-long ski trip with my girls. My mom did this (I think a 2 nighter) with me and my sister's when we were about 6, 8 and 10. I take my hat off to her - it's a lot of work. Even though we were going for a full week vs 2 nights - it's was a lot to do and I only have 2. But she was younger! My grandmother was a grandmother at my age! I felt old at times during ski week but it could have been the cold I caught.

Here's a little recap of both trips:

Boreal Ridge (1977-ish) vs Davos (2008)

Small Family resort in CA vs Large Destination Resort in Switzerland

Boreal - for beginners, families and those who don't want to drive further into Tahoe vs Davos - home to the World Economic Forum, rich Swiss and neighboring Klosters where the British royal family likes to ski

Boreal - 1 1/2 hrs away from home in West Sacto. vs Davos - 1 1/2 hrs away from Waedenswil

1 mountain - 3, maybe 4, chair lifts vs 5 Mountains - LOTS of t-bars, chair lifts and gondola's

Boreal Lodge vs 1 bedroom apartment which I was lucky to find without breaking the bank

Sleeping several to a bed vs Sleeping several to a bed

Hamburger w/ fries vs Roesti w/ melted cheese, bacon and a fried egg on top

3 kids (6, 8, & 10) vs 2 kids (7 & 9)

No colds vs 3 colds (and a trip to the Apotheke(pharmacy))

Susan reads Nancy Drew "Secret of the Old Clock" vs "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"

Susan is 10 yrs old vs 4?-ish (compared to Mom who was only 30 yrs for similar trip)

"Carry your own skiis" vs "Carry your own skiis"

Play outside in a snowbank vs do flips on the giant trampolines

Everyone speaks English vs approx. 6 - 7 languages heard (of English - American and 3 versions of the Queens English)

Dad didn't join us vs Bart came at the end of the week and thru the weekend

We had FUN! vs We had FUN!

I don't think it matters in the end - where you go or how big or small. And I am still so thankful to my Mom for taking us on that trip - it was such a great treat for us. I think the girls will have some really good memories of our week. I know I will. Even though we had colds. I have always enjoyed skiing and am happy to share it with the girls and have them enjoy it. I have a great memory of my sisters and mom from our trip 30 yrs ago and I hope to be thinking of this one 30 yrs from now (I hope, I hope). So thank you again Mom and thanks to Bart for being willing to part with us (he being adequately supplied with frozen dinner options!).

Here is Kendra in one of her 2 runs thru the gates at the end of ski school Friday - she got 2nd place in her class - Yeah Kendra!

And Rachel working on her backflip on the trampoline - they loved this!
Rachel running the gates for her class - she took 3rd place - Yeah Rachel! Bigger and tougher class so I was really happy for her. It is the 75th Anniversary for the Swiss Ski School this winter (standardized thru der Schweiz) so their medals are commemorative which is cool.

Isn't this precious! Not that any of us like the T-bars. They use them alot here unless you're at a bigger resort and the length/steepness of the hill calls for a chair lift. Ugh!

Beginning of week Ski Schule drop off - in all I'd say there were 300 people milling around between parents and kids. It got better as the week wore on - it is also half term (mid year break) for schools in the UK so there were a lot of families out for a partial week holiday. Kendra made friends with a little boy from just outside of London and was sad to see him go on Wed. after class.
I was up on Jakobshorn (pronounced Yah-cubshorn) for some skiing while the girls were in lessons. Now if I could just ski like that guy in the picture - ahhhh. The snow was good but a bit hard/icy in the mornings. And my skiis were too heavy but I'm saving that for my Goldilocks post :).
Another view from up top. I always find it fascinating to ski up on open mountaintops here - hardly any trees at all! There is a lot of "off-piste" or free skiing available here but my knees can't handle it and they do have casualties (already this year) so it's not my cup of tea. A nice groomed run with a bit of powder suits me fine.
Kendra on the trampoline - she was doing her ballet moves.
So that was Davos and a very fun Ski Week. Now we can officially say we've done it and not just spend the week saying "what do you want to do? I don't know, what do you want to do?" And we had even more fun when Bart arrived because 1. it helped me out being I was sick and all and 2. we just like being a family on vacation! And the way his week has gone since returning - it's really, really good that he got some time to relax.
Cheers to you all and I will dig up something else to share soon. Still not quite over the virus.

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