Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Greatest thing since Sliced Bread -

- IS SLICED BREAD! Above are the various "ready" breads I might use for sandwiches - in the back is a silzer roll (like pretzel dough in bread form - yummy), front is a 'wegli' (nice soft white roll - wonder if these were the rolls Heidi used her money from Frankfurt for to provide the 'Grandmother' in Dorfli with - so she didn't have to eat the hard brown rolls anymore) and then we have 'Toast.' A dry version of Wonder Bread. When it's in larger sized they call it "American" toast. It's like serving PB & J on cardboard paper and I use it only for emergencies. The girls think it's fine when smothered with Nutella. Now - the kids didn't eat white bread at home/lunches until we moved to Switzerland (those yummy white rolls) unless at a friends, vacation - Panera. Bart & I like wheat and we always had whole wheat bread. Make that sliced, whole wheat bread. It took a while to find a whole wheat bread here that wasn't full of nuts (including walnut which I'm allergic to) or that didn't taste like whole wheat sawdust. And have I mentioned that NOTHING is sliced except for the cardboard Toast.
Kendra is particularly in love with the whole wheat bread (above) I found in November courtesy of my German teacher. It's only baked on certain days so I try to hit the store on the right day. Not that I know what the day is yet - I just try to get lucky.
So I buy 2 loaves at a time, slice them up and stick in the freezer for storage. Because these are fresh breads. There are no preservatives. Even the Toast only lasts for a week - and it's dry to begin with. But it's sliced.
So next time you pull out your baggie of sliced bread - say a little prayer or thank you for the sliced bread. It may actually be - the greatest invention!
My little whine for the day.


Josh & Sarah said...

Oh, dear friend, I'm right there with you on the sliced bread thing - and I live in the states! With Josh's diet, it is better if we make our own whole wheat bread (thank you to the inventor of bread machines!). Now I can't even imagine buying a loaf of bread. But when I rarely have to, Hannah cheers and says, "Yeah! We have squishy bread!" Very cute. Anyway, I have a nifty bread slicer, so my pieces are all almost the same width. I slice up the whole loaf and put it in the fridge. That whole 'no preservative' thing will getcha every time! So while it is sliced, there is something about bread being in the fridge that just makes it not as delightful to eat...

Julie said...

You could put Nutella on ...well... ANYTHING, and it's delightful! : )

Judy said...

Oh the fun of living overseas. I've been mostly a "lurker". (I commented a while ago about knowing the music directer at your DM church.) I have enjoyed your Hawaii pictures. We were in Hawaii over Christmas too! We went on a cruise around the islands. What fun to have family to visit there. Have enjoyed your blog.

Olson Family said...

OK - a few responses:
Sarah - I was thinking of you when I wrote this and figured you had some magic gadget to slice with. And you do. Maybe I'll get one in the states - here they just use really big knives! I always think how my sisters and I would wipe out an entire loaf of my Gma's homemade bread after school - all that work. She never complained.
Julie - absolutely right - Nutella here is the US of A's peanut butter. And Julie, Judy who responded below knows your man.
Judy - thanks for your comments and I left one on your blog.

Everyone have a great day and enjoy that sliced bread!

Anonymous said...

Bread! Yummmm
We get Oregon bread with sesame, hazel nuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews. Makes wonderful toast. Frank has me eating cheeses of different kinds, not just Monterey jack and cheddar. I went with Jetta and Jean to a Whole Foods store and got "seeductive" bread which Elaine bought in Virginia. Oh, a loaf o bread, a slice of cheese and ---no, we can't have the glass of wine!
Great pictures! I remember that dress!