Friday, March 02, 2007

Sledding & "Random" Thoughts

A pic of the SudoBahn going thru the hills toward Einsiedeln. The mist and snow - very ethereal. Have to use words like ethereal in 'this' lifetime as I didn't get to when working as an accountant.

And - the only mom who seemed to accompany the Kindergarten sledding (sledging - if you are from UK/Western Europe) trip WITHOUT a camera. So I give you a small mountain train instead of cute 5, 6 & 7 year olds grinning and screaming with delight as they attempt to keep from crashing into one another. I'd say all but 5 out of 70 kiddos were wearing their ski helmets and - I would highly recommend it should you ever send your child sledding with school! And maybe a back protector. I think I could use a trip to the Chiro. after diving after several Kamakazi sledders.

We have determined the Swiss take their emotions out in the sports they choose. This is a land of extreme climbing, hiking, skiing and sledging. I caught my neighbors putting what appears to be velcro on the bottom of their downhill skiis the other day. They explained they WALK up the hill on the skis and THEN ski down. HELLO - That is what a chair lift is for! And then the sledging down mountains and all the injuries. People going off piste (off runs) and falling off cliffs. Sounds fun doesn't it!

I've noticed many bloggers offer "random" thoughts. I'll offer a few of mine. I really enjoyed sitting with 70 kindergarteners today for lunch. A first for me. They were behaved, they ate their lunch without complaining, they clapped and they even danced. At times during lunch, Ibrahim played his drum. Ibrahim is a dynamic PE teacher/soccer coach at school who is a former pro soccer player from Ghana with a beautiful smile. The kids love him and love his drum. They clapped to the beat, some of them danced and they were so unconscious in their response to the music - it was beautiful.

And then, on the way home, there was a slowdown in traffic. Why? The old man with the horse drawn cart piled with topsoil and the dog riding atop. This goes along with the horses that take their turns at the round abouts (traffic circles). And then the old man in the monks robes with a jaunty hat on. This is why I love living in Switzerland.

And my mind is very much in IA and CA right now. Just missing everyone in IA and my Gma's Big Birthday Bash is tomorrow and I hate to have to miss it.

I am responsible for the music at our church this weekend. I am nervous. I have never picked out all the songs, arranged for all the music copies, power point, etc... before. Pray for me & Sunday.

Which leads me to the fact, in my belief and how I attempt to live life, that while I may have 'random' thoughts and ideas, God doesn't. He does all with a purpose - not that we can ever hope to know the mind of God - but everything happens for His purpose. So, I am glad He did not make me randomly but with purpose.


mom e said...

See how much fun you can have in a country that is not overrun by trial lawyers! (PS. The velcro on the skis is what we call "skins" in the US. They stick on for the uphill travel and pull off for the downhill skiing known as Randonee'. Most helpful when the lifts close in the spring and the snow is still good...very healthy should try it!

Olson Family said...

mom e - You almost make the 'skins' and Randonee sound fun - ALMOST. And you are probably the only person reading our post that would have known all the terms - scary. But I am a product of parental genes and I have my own store of strange factual information ready to be poured out on some unsuspecting soul. Talk about RANDOM!