Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

One of our neighbors - Isn't he cute. Soon to have little cousins running around judging by the girth of his aunts. So the girls have decided they need to walk up to the barn everyday as they want to see the "live birth."
OK - Spent Sat. morning making this little outfit for Kendra's "Jessie" at her insistence. When it was finished, she said "I'll look at it later mom." I know not to look for eternal gratitude from my children yet but, come on, not even a "Thank You." Um, Mom, did I properly thank you for the ballerina dress you made me when I turned "5"? Thank You, Thank You!!!

We have several fields near our house that are 'selb-schneiden' - you go in and cut your own flowers or pick own veggies/pumpkins. The rate per 'stuck' (piece) is posted and you drop your money in the little metal container. Not only that, they leave a sharp little knife on the barrel in case you don't have your scissors OR swiss army knife on your person. As my friend (USA - IL) stated, "There's no place back home that would dare leave a sharp knife out for people to use on flowers/produce in a field and then trust they would actually pay for it all." I'm sure the self-pay places can be found here and there in little corners - but, I would bet on bringing your own knife.


Mom E said...

Very cute little creatures, all of them. Good job on the dolly outfit...yes, I think you said thank certainly made good use of it.

gramma stone davis said...

Hi Swiss Family,
I love the pictures and the writings! The girls are lovely picking flowers. Nice dolly dress, too. I have a lot of cute buttons and trims I can save for you and the girls.
Have you heard the news from Julie about the new baby? The word should have had time to reach you so I won't feel badly about being the one to tell you. IT'S A GIRL!!!