Friday, March 16, 2007

Sarah's visit & Rachel's Ski Trip

Cousin Sarah with the girls. She was here for 3 days and we walked and ate and walked and ate.... It was a great visit for me and so nice to have her here. I realized after her visit (she had been in Rome, Venice and Scotland already) that a visit to Switzerland is more for the experience of the outdoors, the mountains and lakes - the atmosphere, than it is for seeing grand, man-made palaces and exotic life (Zurich is not Rome). It is an understated country that enjoys it's outdoor time/activities and takes the time to stop and smell the roses (or in the case of this week as Sarah had the joy of experiencing - the smell of fertilizer (in the form of manure) being spread in the orchards/fields) and getting together with friends and family. I enjoy it. Rachel and her class.
Rachel and her class took off for Davos for their 3 day/2 night ski trip. Some were a little nervous but most of them were excited. We received a cute little postcard from her today. I am anxious to hear about their time - I get to pick her up in 30 minutes! We have been fine but it does seem quiet around here. And Kendra is ready to have big sissy back home. And her bed has stayed so made up and empty.

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