Thursday, March 22, 2007

Caught being happy in Switzerland!

As you can see from these pic's - a nice clean walkway, pulled weeds, trimmed back bushes, have been contemplating what ground cover choices I have and then - it SNOWED! Winter finally arrived - 3 months too late. And although I tried covering the daffodils and other bulbs that are coming up, we'll see what I was able to save. What didn't get frostbite probably got crushed. Four days of on and off snow - and may I put out a prayer request? I need a ski buddy!!
I was on my way into the Post today as I received a precious notice of a package waiting for me - I love my Mother! Anyway, I am walking along humming the Josh Groban tune I had been belting out in the car when a man turned around in front of me and said something in German with a smile on his face. I muttered "Entschuldegung, Ich spreche klein Deutsch" - this is my fallback phrase of "excuse me, I speak a small bit of German." So then he says "I heard you singing and thought "Wow, there's a happy person in Switzerland - wasn't sure there were any." This he says in American English. Turns out he grew up in Ohio until his parents moved the family to Switz. where he says he is serving a "life sentence." This is a common feeling among Americans I have met who have been here long-term. There are things they really like about Switz. but things they really miss about the States. I think the common theme would be freedom of expression - happy expression. Like, say, humming tunes as you walk into the Post!
In general, while people are polite, they do not express themselves exuberantly here (deja vu comment). I think excitement is reserved for Fastnacht (Carnivale) Celebrations and World Cup Soccer. Or maybe yelling at someone who is breaking a rule. I never knew how much I hummed to music in the grocery store 'til I moved here - because I seem to be the only one doing it. In the States, I would catch other people singing/humming along - not here. It probably helps that all the music is American and I know all the words while most of them don't. But when they stare at me, I stop. Maybe many of you had wished I would stop and just never said anything? And I think many people here are happy but aren't about to let a stranger know it. So I was caught being happy, they don't yet hand out fines for that so I'm good. But I'm sure it was caught on surveillance somewhere - Big Bro. is watching - that would be for another blog. That and how many numbers I have to enter in order to log into the "Swiss Bank account." Another day.

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