Friday, March 16, 2007

I like RED!

You know, Red has always been a good colour for me. And it really goes nicely with the trim on the girls school (otherwise know in town as the green American school). The girls are still small and so should continue to fit in what they call a back seat until we leave Switzerland. Ah, such is the life of the Expat. And it sounds so nice as it sits purring like a lion while waiting.

OOOOPS! I guess I fell asleep while waiting to pick up the girls after school. And I guess my favorite 7 yr old jeans and Billabong hoodie sweatshirt don't quite stack up to the gold bling! and mink vest of the driver of that lovely custom made vehicle. Whom sits behind her giant Gucci sunglasses keeping her Italian/Mediteranean eyes a secret and lips pursed. I'm sure I would smile greatly at everyone if I had a turn with the Ferarri on the A3 - I think I might fall in love - and Bart would be jealous - and thus I must not think about this any longer - I do LOVE to drive fast!

Not to mention - who picks up their kindergartener in a Ferrari!!!!! (well, I might if I had one :)


Josh & Sarah said...

Seriously, laughing out loud. You are hilarious!

Olson Family said...

Seriously Sarah - Wouldn't you like to go cruisin' with me?

Josh & Sarah said...