Thursday, March 29, 2007

We have a Baby!

Not OUR baby but we like to check up on the sheep family in our backyard. Here is the newest edition up the hill. Right next to the cousin who I posted last week - and we thought he looked small.
The girls just want to reach over and pick her up. She is very sweet and hops around on wobbly legs. Is about 3-4 days old here.
Here is Rachel's class ready for their presentation of "Carnivale" for the school assembly. The capes/skirts, headbands & armbands are my handiwork, another parent brought the masks from the States and another did facepainting. The kids did a great job giving a brief explanation of Carnival which is celebrated prior to Lent - a big shindig for many countries over here. The also acted out the story of "Arrlechino" which some might know as Harlequin. It was fun to watch them practice and then do such a nice job.

With both girls busy with school productions, Spring Break coming up, and an allergy rash that hit me last week, I haven't had much incentive (or time) to sit at the computer. Probably because I want to say nice things on the blog - not the things that the Susan on steroids and antihistimines might want to say. All I can say is - Thank goodness for the patience of my family (I LOVE my family). Because mine (patience) got lost with that first steroid dose. Yikes! I've never taken them and while my mom said they made her happy and need less sleep, it seems to have had the opposite effect on me. Speed of light and crabby is my reaction - before I crash. Thank goodness the last dose was today and I pray this will not recurr.

We are off to check out Montreux (on Lake Geneva) in the French region of this fair country this weekend. It will be interesting to see how our English/Deutsch works out in the French world. I've already been looking at my little French phrase book and think I'd rather take Italian next instead. But they pronounce our last name really cool! We will go to France right before Easter for a week of Spring Break (girls get 2 weeks off - Yeah). Staying in a little town my mom visited called Villefranche - looking forward to it. Now that Bart is able to take some time, we are doing a bit of traveling and looking forward to Grandpa Paul's visit the end of April.

I think that's all for now. Although, as I've been crabby/kranky/jittery lately, I was well soothed by the words of one of my favorite bands, Third Day:

I see all the people
Wasting all their time
Building up their riches
For a life that's fine

I find myself just living for today
'Cause I don't know what
tomorrow's gonna bring
So no matter if I rise or fall
I'll never be alone, oh no

Nothing compares
to the greatness of knowing You, Lord

(Nothing Compares (Mac Powell/Third Day) - I love this song in it's live recording.)

It sounds much better when Mac is singing it. But it's a good pick-me-up! Love you all.

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Mom E said...

Sweet new baby...I'd love to pick it up too. Re: France: Just brush up on the two main words you'll need..Bonjour and Merci...all the rest doesn't sound like anything I practiced in the book or tapes. Keep in mind that counting starts with the thumb as #1. Have fun!