Sunday, March 11, 2007

Delighted with Davos

Doesn't this look like fun! Lounging on giant pillows under Palm trees while you take a break from skiing/boarding. I must say the Europeans know how to create atmosphere and enjoy the outdoors in spite of the snow. Disclaimer - the girls did not use the ashtray!
We were in Davos for the weekend courtesy of Swiss KPMG which hosts a ski weekend each year for employees and their families. Can't turn that down.

We enjoyed a nice morning of skiing on the bunny slope. The girls are really enjoying themselves and improving with every lesson/trip. Rachel even "raced" her dad and won (being the good Daddy, Bart let her!).
One of the mountain bowls to ski in at Davos. There are six mountains to choose from and your ticket works at each for the whole day. I chose to go up Parsenn while I put the girls in a lesson and Bart took off snow-shoeing. Bart had a good time with a group from work on his first snow-shoeing excursion. They were driven up into the mountains and then guided to a warming hut and back. He really enjoyed it and said with clear weather it would have been spectacular. We will probably try it together sometime.

I had an OK time skiing and would have enjoyed it immensly if there hadn't been whiteout conditions at the top. Of course, it was clear in the morning and about 1 hour after I was done. I don't necessarily recommend skiing on a strange mountain, by yourself, not understanding what the confused Swiss are saying to one another when you are unable to see 10 - 15 meters in front of you. I kept watching others go in front of me, see how they were skiing and then followed along - feel the snow, feel the snow - this is on the blue (easy) run! There is no EASY when you can't see what you are skiing on. So, after 2 trys on that run, I went back and found a run that, while low visibility on top, had better visibility for the bottom 2/3's and I enjoyed. Of course, this morning was skiing on the bunny slope and wishing a little that I could go back up the mountain in the sun. Next time.
Having lunch before heading back home. We enjoyed our weekend - Thank You KPMG! And all within 1 1/2 hrs of home. Hopefully there will be a little more snowfall this before the season ends - it was a short season this year for Switzerland. I think CA and CO have enjoyed a much better one!

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I think I'm going to spend the winter with you next year...looks good to me!