Monday, February 26, 2007

Bloggin' about Boots

Well, I was thinking I had nothing really blog-worthy today. And then I remembered the boots. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and when the whole "scrapbooking" phase hit me, I took many pic's with the scrapbooks in mind. Now I sometimes take pic's with the blog in mind.
This fall, our first in this lovely country, I noticed a footwear phenomenon - everyone switched from flip flops to boots. And might I add, for anyone who does NOT know me, I kinda like the boot. Especially my 'avocado' green suede cowboy pair. The boot in Europe is not to be hidden beneath a long jean - No, No. They are worn with skirts, culottes, cuffed jeans, jeans tucked in and the oft spotted "knicker." Let's just say I'm not a fan of the knicker (a pant that pleats & buttons just below the knee - looks like old fashioned golf pants), it's a look I believe fashion should have forgot, but they do show off the boot.
So here you have some examples of the "boot" taken for the most part on the sly in Zurich and Barcelona. The exception is, of course, that of my little models. I have excercised much restraint although had to buy the tall black boots mentioned in a previous blog and then HAD to buy another practical pair as I had nothing to wear on the ICE here except actual snow boots (not a nice look heading out to dinner, the Dr., etc....). And, I quit wearing my jeans tucked into boots in College. I haven't succumbed to that temptation and probably won't as my goal in life is to make my legs look longer - not chop them up to pieces.
But then again, I thought I was done wearing ESPRIT clothes. A friend and I were laughing as we shopped at ESPRIT last Friday thinking "we should be too old for this." But, ESPRIT here is like a GAP in the States - or as close as I can get anyway.
So, if you've come this far, thanks for putting up with a little frivolous fashion and may I just say - the UK coverage of the Red Carpet at the Oscars was hugely dissapointing and I will have to scan the cable network to see if I can find an E! repeat of their show! Is that a sad admission or what? What I won't admit is how late I stayed up!
So our week begins, Bart will wonder why I bothered putting this on the Blog but maybe, someday, he will add one of his own.


Josh & Sarah said...

I love it! Your girls are adorable models and the "on the sly" pictures fun! The ESPRIT comments made me giggle. :) (As a side note, I sometimes tend to think "this one is for the blog," when I take pictures, too.)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Susie,
I enjoy anything you put on the blog! I have some avocado bowling shoes that you might want for spring shoes. they matched my bowling ball in the 70's when I was hot--or cool- or whatever.
We are eagerly awaiting our big bash. I will miss my beautiful granddaughters who won't be here. Even Holly may not make it and Sarah will be with Heidi on their trip. I guess I can't have it all all the time.
Love you and the family so much

Mom e said...

You are my daughter, nothing like a good pair of boots! The only thing I know I'm wearing to the BDay Bash is the boots I purchased shopping with you in Nov...all else is irrelevant. Must get back to Switzerland...need more boots! Nice of GMA to offer her shoes, wonder what she'll wear to the Bash then?

Olson Family said...

Oh mom e - Found another big shoe store in Luzern last week. Will have to keep it in mind for next visit. Shoes, antique shops, IMAX, great Italian rest. - all in Luzern - July! We'll send John up Pilatus while we shop. Anyone else want to come? I only want Gma's shoes if she'll give me the matching ball! One must have the appropriate accessories.