Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Home Sweet Home

View of our front walkway from the stairs leading up to the backyard and onto roof.
Our very functional and efficient Swiss kitchen. Not considered a gathering place in this part of Europe. I'm getting rather used to the idea: entertain in living area, all sorts of mess going on in the kitchen and no one has to look at it until guests go home and it's time to clean up. It's a small space; cleanup takes less time than it used to. But what I wouldn't give for a good, "old fashioned" garbage disposal.
Living area w/ dining hiding behind big American sectional. You cannot find furniture like this here. The style tends to be modern, Ikea looking, very close to the ground. As many tall people as they have here, I would like to see them crawling out of their beds which all seem to be 1 1/2 feet off the ground. You should have seen the movers looking at our bed asking me if it was "OK", "there is something wrong - it is too high." I was thrilled to have my bed that I have to climb into - they didn't quite get it.
Our "funky fireplace" that we need to find a grate & screen for. Where I do not know? I am still looking. So we have cool glowing candles instead. And our "office" is hiding behind.
So here is our office. We enjoy the view - it was a nice day when I took this pic. Today is high clouds, grey and for Ski Week (winter holiday). Weather here will be rainy & warmer this week - not real conducive to skiing.

So, it wasn't a week full of new adventures. Unless you call many hours on the computer trying to replace the vacation rental for Spring Break that fell thru an adventure. We did get a replacement - Whew! We had reserved a place, bought tickets, etc... and then received an email stating that construction not due to begin 'til Fall had started last week unbeknownst to the owners. And so they had to pull the rental for the season. It is not easy to find a replacement apartment in certain parts of the world for a family of 4 at Spring Break. But we did - Yeah!
Went to a lovely dinner party Friday night hosted by a couple from our church. They are from Zimbabwe but are now 'permanent' residents of Switzerland and it has been such an education as we get to know them. And another lesson in thankfulness that we hold US passports and have lived without civil war in our front yards - literally. There is true evil out there in the world and people who have few or little means of escape. I know this part is a little heavy but for you who would - Pray for the farmers from Zimbabwe who are either starting life anew in the countries they have found to take them in or have found themselves imprisoned for not leaving their farms by Febr. 4th - gov't set deadline.
Anyway - on to dinner. Lynn made a wonderful curry dinner - kind of a mix of Indian and South African - was absolutely delicious. And the conversation was fun - US, UK and Sth African. Bart and I had a great time using some of the new lingo we've learned from UK acquaintances (and TV) last night during "24" commercial breaks - I think I hit him with the pillow laughing when he commented on the "lovely knickers" - it was an underwear ad! We record appointments in our "diaries", Bart wears a "jumper" (sweatshirt) with jeans - though pants here are trousers - it is all so proper sounding to our American ears. Not to mention the "Cheers" "Rubbish" "Bloody" "Right then"(think Brit. accent) that could creep into daily language if one is not careful.
Enough of all this - we are on holiday. At home. Bart is working hard (too bad winter break and one of his busiest times come together :( ), so the girls and I will putz around and I'm sure I'll have better pic's next Blog.

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