Monday, February 12, 2007

Paradeplatz - Zurich

Rachel & Kendra in front of Credit Suisse

The Savoy Hotel and Paradeplatz Tram Central - be very careful crossing the street!
Restaurants, stores and private banking (you aren't walking thru the security doors with a mere $500 to deposit - they like 6 digit numbers best)
UBS and my own personal favorite 'Bancomat' spot when I need a few Swiss Franc's
Very nice little street off the Paradeplatz leading to restaurants and exclusive (read $$$$$) little boutiques in old Zurich. Restaurant to the right is an old Armory building and the place to go if you would like a variety of sausage/brats with potatoes & bread for lunch.
I realize I have been remiss in my Blog - I rarely put pic's or Info. about Zurich in it. So today, you get Paradeplatz. A prominent place along the Bahnhofstrasse not only for the majority of trams which stop through here but also for the restaurants, high-end shopping (Gucci, Tods, YSL, Cartier, etc... - I shop at the Claire's & Body Shop end :)) and the ever present large and powerful Banking institutions which call this part of town home. There's gold in them thar vaults - I'm not kidding! Can you imagine having to audit the gold inventory? It would be cool just to tour the structure of the vaults themselves. Oh well - probably off to a Dinosaur museum or Planeta Magic (kind of like Chuckee Cheese without the pizza) instead.


Judy said...

I left you a comment earlier today about realting to the expat life as my famiyl has lived in Singapore. As I was looking through other comments you have recieved I realized that I know some people you know! I know the music director from your church in DM. He moved to DM from MO and we went to the same church and I sang in the choir there! What a "small world"!

Judy said...

I guess my other comment didn't "take" for some reason. I had said that I found your blog through Boomama's blog (which I found through Beth Moore's blog) and that I had enjoyed reading it because I have lived the expat life. Our family lived in Singapore for 3 years when the kids were ages 8-11 and 11-14. We have been back in the us 5 1/2 years now. It was a challenging time, but great time for the kids. They look at the world totally different now and are not afraid to try new things. (Our oldest is going to college 500 miles away!) Take advantage of the traveling you can do. We did a lot of that are are very glad we did. The time overseas really "glued" our family together too. We are very close. I grew a lot spiritually and discovered Beth Moore's studies through the church we went to. Anyway.. I think that's about all I wrote.

Olson Family said...

Hi Judy - Yes it is a small world. I will have to pass the coincidence to them in DM - too funny. We are enjoying our experiences and have enjoyed our time growing as a family. Enjoy your time before college interrupts!