Thursday, October 01, 2009

I LOVE Fall (and I hate Fall just a little)

This part of Fall I love -

Replaced the summer pots with pansies and couldn't resist throwing a few Johnny Jump Up's out there: Hmmmm - this pic looks better when you dbl-click it. All the yellow and red apples in the orchard next to us:
Last blazing colors of Fall - and the last of the bees (most disappeared once the cooler weather arrived): Have to love the little, old Italian man who literally hobbled up all the way to our place (120 -ish stairs) to sell some fresh olive oil - "ist von mi famiglia in Cicilia, ist Bio, kalt und extra Vergin....." He was disappointed I couldn't speak Italian but we got by with our German and maybe, 2, English words. He insisted I taste it and smell it - it was good. How could I not? And I went down the stairs with him so he didn't have to hike back up with the bottles. Olive Oil (reputably from Sicily - and self labeled by moi):
Love the sheep next door whose bells jingle all day like wind chimes on steroids. Seriously - I do love the sound and will miss them when they move to the next pasture. Maybe I could convince the farmer to let me have them for a day and "mow down" the lawn. They are here in the moonlight (Rachel likes this pic):
I love how the Sport field lights reflect on the Lake at night. There are 3 - 4 places along the Lake that are lit like this depending on their team/practice schedule. Really is pretty:
I like watching and listening to Rachel practice the violin at night (most of the time:) ). Strings Orchestra is one of her electives at school and she joined a Strings Quartet. She'd better practice!
What I HATE about Fall, as noted in previous post, is the Mold/Mildew allergy season. Once the leaves drop and things start decaying - it's just a miserable time for me. But Hallelujah we live in a climate where we should get a couple good freezes and it will all be better.

Good News! My nose did quit running and I can breathe. Should I fall dead in my tracks just have them narrow the search to Zyrtec, children's Benadryl and the Livostin (antihistimine nose spray) during the autopsy. I'm know the Z and L taken together are fine but, I admit, I added 1 tablet of Children's Benadryl every 2 hrs - only twice - the night I was trying to get the nose to stop. Oh - so glad it's over and so far I've had no further inflammation or problems other than I am being a good girl about when I'm outdoors, what I'm doing and what I'm touching (in the garden).
Little deep thought to share from the message our Elder, H, gave on Sunday. He talked about his younger days in Wales when he worked in the coal mines. He's since been a professor at the University in Zurich, Atmospheric sciences or something and travels the globe as an advisor on the topic of Global Warming. He's funny when asked about GW - "Well, yes, it is happening but not always in the way one thinks." Meaning there's a whole lot more about this topic than ever gets reported in our Media - there's always a slant.
Back to the Coal Mines: As a young man working in the coal mines, he said one never thought about how one looked. He had coal dust on his face, in his clothes - it permeated them - but since everyone else looked the same, it didn't seem to bother him - no one else looked any different. Until he would ride by the house of the young lady who would in the future become his wife. He didn't want her to see him looking like that. He wanted to be cleaned up.
The challenge I took from this was to take a look at myself. Do I seem different to anyone around me? Do we all look the same? Is there an area in my life that, should I meet someone special, I would want cleaned up before they saw me? Joy Williams wrote a song called "Do they see Jesus in me?" that I had the priviledge of singing at church a few years back. I thought of that song when I heard that story. I would link it but "I don't know how!" I need a lesson M!
"Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready. And it was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints." Rev. 19:7-8
Whew! I'm so thankful God doesn't see me the way I see myself. My sins have been washed away and I've been made white as snow.
I hope you all have a wonderful Fall day - with nary a tissue needed!


Susan said...

I love your photos (they are beautiful, as always) and hearing about a slice of your life. I hope your nose is doing better. Have a great week. You're in my thoughts.

Katherine said...

Fun summary - I loved the flower photos, especially the pink asters. Nice to know you blog here. Enjoyed getting to know you and your husband better Friday night! See you tomorrow.