Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My "Hometown"

Good Morning and I had a little present waiting for me on the Blog. Thank You Jason for your creative work and update.

When I email my sister this week, I suggested that maybe, after 2 years, our Blog background and pictures should have a facelift. Jason (bro-in-law) worked his magic last night I guess and I appreciate it so much. Thank You, Thank You! Maybe, I should learn how to do it myself. To which he'll respond "Yep, when you get a Mac." They will slowly convert me - it's actually beginning as I watch the way the girls use the computer.

A lot of pictures today. We've been enjoying some beautiful Fall days and on Sunday decided, let's walk down to the Lake and enjoy the afternoon. I don't think I've shared much of the actual town we live in either - so Swiss Family Olson presents Waedenswil:

Steeple of the Swiss Protestant Reform church - I can check the clock from my house when gardening. Very convenient and the bells sound great.
Villa in town.
Love the character of this.
Wonderful day for the sailboats - windy but not too...
The ferry boats were full as were all the benches along the waterfront.
The Waedenswil waterfront - they hold flea markets, carnivals and events here periodically.
Pedestrian street to the Bahnhof (train station). Location of the Saturday market as well (produce, cheese, bakery and meats).
Trying to get a picture is hard with the monkeys around.
I didn't delete this pic 'cause I think that guy in the crosswalk is pretty darn cute!
Many of the older homes reflect the history and lives of their former and current inhabitants.
This has become the 'Norm' among cities around the Lake - the ultra modern house next to the traditional old house. Some of the older houses in our village are 300 - 400 years old. When possible, they repair/maintain the integrity of the exterior of the home while completely refurbishing and modernizing the interiors. They salvage as much as they can of the interior and demolish the rest.
The refurbishing of the apartments below our complex is almost complete - finally!!! Nothing traditional there - including the color.
Sunrise this morning off the terrasse - another beautiful Fall day!


MOM E said...

Love your hometown...but where's Tiefenbacher or Maya's...? Always on my list of landmarks.

Olson Family said...

Good Lord! If you don't behave MOM E, I'll make a full post out of you being able to arrive in Zurich and purchase a pair of shoes/boots within 6 hrs post touch-down. :)