Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweetest little baby

I was driving down the Autobahn the other day and a small herd of unusual looking cows caught my eye. I saw little bundles in the grass and thought "I need to go back with my camera, who cares if it's raining."

So I did.

Look what I found: Isn't he precious. Think it's a he. Was hard to tell because of all the hair, fur, curly pelt?
Here's a curious young lady. She eyed me the whole time I was standing there.
Baby was thirsty and Mama's keepin' her eye on that strange two-legged creature:
Switch sides, baby's still thirsty:
And she still has her eye on me:
I have NEVER seen this breed of cow here - have I just missed them? They must be something special as another gentleman stopped in his vehicle to take a look as well. They are definitely not Swiss cows. Nor are they the Scottish breed that are in Luzern. Does anyone know?
I just want to take him home with me.
Update: these cattle are Scottish - Scotland Galloway's. The cows in Luzern are Scot Highlanders. Thank You C!


Mom E said...

You have a big backyard...I'm sure the girls would love one.

Anonymous said...

I'm preparing for a couple here at my place! Bring bells too--I like the Swiss customs.

LadyFi said...

I love their curly little coats! Much more adorable than a lawn mower, but you'd need a big garden...

Susan said...

These cows are so cute! Thanks for posting. Missed you today -