Thursday, October 15, 2009


Well, getting ready to pack again. Bart has to work, work, work through about 5pm Sunday so we (girls and I) are taking off for Lugano (in the Italian region of Switzerland - Ticino). Rachel's best friend of 3 years had to move this summer and this is the perfect time to go down and visit.

Her best friend is Italian and the family is very welcoming - we are looking forward to our weekend stay with them and a chance for the girls to visit with each other.

It's always fun to go to this region. As soon as you pass through the Gotthard tunnel, it's like you are suddenly in another country, and yet, you're still in Switzerland - no Euro's required.

What else - hmmm? Went shopping at Claire's last night in Zurich with the girls for their Halloween costumes. Rachel is doing an 80's theme and Kendra is going as Lola (Lilly's alter ego from the Hannah Montana show). What a blast! They really enjoyed the opportunity to "get stuff" instead of just look and all the 80's stuff brought back memories. Some frightful, some fun. Because I'm in the process of re-doing some photo albums from the past AND all the High School/College yearbooks are in storage, the girls haven't seen many photo's of Mom in the 80's. That may be a good thing as I keep telling them "less is more" with the makeup issue and I don't want to be the pot calling the eyeliner black/blue! There will be pictures to come - don't worry.

I get very frustrated watching and reading any news lately. I think there's a pandemic in the world and it has nothing to do with the H1N1 virus. It's call a lack of patience, abundance of sour looks, lack of common sense, lack of morality, lack of National pride - dare I go on? Half of that relates to my Coop parking lot experience. Anyway.....

I always tell my kids when we talk about 'hard' issues and where they differ from their friends that they need to learn to "agree to disagree." I'm afraid this attitude may be against the law by time we return to the US. There are whole groups that are very willing to 'bash' one group of people but want to declare it unlawful when it's turned toward them? Or the American Flag being "possibly offensive to someone" so people shouldn't fly it - in AMERICA?!!! I know this whole story is media sensation but still - it sends a message.

In Switzerland, there are all sorts of flags flying. Of course the Canton and Swiss flags are the most common but you will find immigrants from all over with their country flag flying on the balcony - Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Germany, France, Australia, Sweden to name a few. The people who come from those countries are proud of their nationality - you don't have to make it a political statement - just be proud of your heritage. Nothing is perfect in any country. And Switzerland doesn't say 'you can't fly your flag here' - you should see the political posters! Talk about offensive - but they get a message across - and they agree to disagree.

I'm trying to figure out where to put all this pent-up energy regarding the current state of affairs in the US. I don't know what the answer is at the moment. I'll figure it out. One shouldn't complain unless one is going to do something about it.

But first, I have to pay bills and do the dishes. Before the internet connection is gone again. Cablecom is coming tomorrow morning - Yeah!


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