Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Kendra!!!!!!! and Questions?

9 years old on Sunday! Time flies when you're having fun. We have so much fun with this sweet girl: I tipped Gma Elaine off that a tap dance outfit for Kendra's American Girl Doll would be well received. The picture above was taken about 20 minutes after the box was opened.

Kendra and I had shared a bed in Lugano and I got to watch her wake up on her birthday. She had her eyes closed but, I could tell the breathing and movements were changing. With her eyes still closed, she started doing this little dance in the bed - facial expressions and hand movements (modified cabbage patch :) ). She is that cross between little girl and big girl - so fun. So happy to celebrate her birthday! So are we!

The girls are finally back to school. May I just say right now that I will MISS, MISS, MISS the school schedule we have here! There are 8 weeks off for summer, 1 week Fall Break, a 4 day weekend in Nov. for teacher training, 3 weeks off at Christmas Holiday, 1 week in Febr. for SkiWeek, 2 weeks for Spring Break and then a couple of National/religious May holidays - back to summer. Our summers aren't as long and we don't have as many 3 day weekends but we get actual weeks off - even if the dad can only take a partial week. LOVE it! It gives us a chance to do different things during different seasons of the year.

OK - Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away......... I asked if there were any questions for us about living here/Switzerland. I'm putting that question out again.

My brain is frazzled trying to read/understand insurance letters in German and I don't want to bore anyone with that current frustration. Although, our nice auto man "Paul", will whisk my car away next week and return it fixed and complete with winter tires.

It's times like these I get a little homesick and wish some things weren't so hard. It's not that life was soooooooo much easier before. But - certain things were easier before. Bart and I both feel this at times. My sympathy for immigrants to the US grows with each new experience.

So, if you have a question, leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer :).

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GMA E said...

You and your dolly look so cute..glad you liked it..Happy Birthday..see you soon.