Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Barfussweg: the Bare foot path

I am trying desparately to take my mind off the fact that my nose has been running since approx. 4:23pm - it's 11:26pm at the moment and I don't dare lay down. I finished a nice walk this afternoon and the allergies took over.

I have a love/hate relationship with Fall. Right now, I would like it to start freezing at night so all the molds/mildew will die a quick death. AND, I would like it to continue to be 65 - 70 F during the day for my pleasure. Small requests, I know.

I will therefore share our family escapades from Saturday above Engelberg. (Linds - would have love to stop by and say hi! to Marge but the wee one was having issues and timing was not right) We ended up at the lift to the Brunni Huette although we meant to go somewhere else. My bloggy friend Linds had posted about the new lift/play area above Engelberg at the beginning of summer and I thought the girls would love it.

They did. Here is the pond the "Barfussweg" encompasses. For us, winter is approaching and with it comes the fog/clouds - we needed a little escape from Zurich. So being above the clouds and in the sunshine at nearly 2,000M was a bonus. The idea is: you take off your shoes/socks, place them on a conveniently placed shelf and begin your trek around this large pond barefoot. It's designed for sensory stimulation. You walk into the COLD water, onto stones, then water, then wood planks, water, moss, water........

It was fun to see what the girls thought about the different textures. Some we liked and some we didn't.

This - MUD - I did not like. I only smiled for the camera. It felt gross. It smelled gross. Ewwwww! I think they supplement it from the cow pasture. I'm NOT kidding. Kendra thought it was cool but, then again, she wishes to have little piggies as pets.

At the end of your walk, you enjoy a warm foot bath. There is also a faucet for cleaning your feet and paper towels to dry them before putting your boots back on. Lovely!

All the while I'm thinking "OK, no one has any cuts or open abrasions on their lower limbs that when through the mud, right?"

"Paranoia will destroy ya....."

The view above the clouds:

Sometimes you feel you're on the edge of the world:

It's just so beautiful:

And then there are those who don't move regardless of the occasion:

There is always a little place to stop for a coffee. This house and barn serves as dairy, restaurant and home.

We had to try out the Rodelbahn (summer toboggan) before heading home. Now that is a good time!

The land of outdoor fun!

Well, I'm at the end of this post and still think that laying down with a running head is a bad idea. Worse yet, is that previous experience tells me this allergy reaction will lead to something more due to the inflammation, etc... that comes with it. Hope it settles soon. Especially as my idea of running around with tissue in my nose didn't sound too appealing to Kendra. She thinks I would be a bit embarassing.

Hah! She's just short of 9 yrs. I haven't even begun to embarrass her yet!


Sarah said...

I love all of your posts and this one is high on the list. Looks like such a fun time! Thanks for sharing!

Jolyn said...

My husband and 14yo son and I just drooled over your photos. Only the Swiss could pull off a Bahrfussweg! I want to take my family there right now...

Linds said...

YES!!!! You did it! I am so glad you enjoyed it too. It is a favourite place for us. Brilliant!

Judy said...

That Bare Foot Path looks great. Too bad Switzerland isn't closer.... The chalet reminds me of a Farm Stay we did in New Zealand. The owner wanted to build a Swiss Chalet. It was pretty neat.

Susan said...

I'm always adding a new spot to my list of things we must see/do before ever pulling up roots. This is definitely going on the list! Thanks for the great photos.