Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Numero 300!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Numero 300 is easier than Nombre drei hundert.

Regardless of how I spell it, this is the 300th post on Swiss Family Olson. I can't believe I've thought I had enough interesting things to say or share over the last 3+ years. Wow!

I should have a little cake or something. But then I'd have to eat it all myself and that wouldn't be pretty, would it?

So I would like to thank my friends and family who read this blog for your very kind comments. Huge thanks to my friends who also have blogs because it makes me feel connected to life back home. It's been a great way to share our life here in Switzerland and offer a look at what I'm thinking since I can't exactly call you at my "primetime" of 10am and discuss my thoughts. You're all in bed and I'd end up with fewer friends and family I think.

Along the way, I've picked up a few readers who I don't know in "real life." Thank you also for reading and any comments you've left.

I never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever - EVER - meet people I 'met' on the Internet. Then again, I never dreamed I would sign onto Facebook and be plunged into a world of people I haven't seen in 20 - 25 years - and find it's fun. I like knowing where they are now and if they offer, what they're doing.

I don't have a lot of 'outside' readers. At least I don't think so. If so, great! but you're lurking and never tell me who you are. Then again, I may not want to know. Please feel free to continue lurking.

So - it may come as quite as a surprise that I have actually met two wonderful ladies who stumbled upon our Blog once upon a time. They are as nice in person as they are on their Blogs.

So this post is dedicated to these Bloggy Friends.

In my crazy summer of posting, not posting, I haven't shared my meeting with Judy. Now - some would call this story I will tell coincidence. I don't think so but I don't know yet why Judy and I stumbled upon each other. Unless it's simply to see that she and her family, former Expats (Singapore), adjusted back to life in the US of A and she has a tremendous heart for God. But God is not a God of Coincidence.

Here are Judy and I at the Mall of America in July. Had a great 2 hours visiting with her and her daughter. If her grown daughter is any measure - Judy is a person with a lot of heart, a great sense of humor and down to earth. Love it.

Here is where the funny story/coincidence comes in - I'll try to keep it clear:

Judy came across my blog via a comment I made on another blog with an Expat reference - about 2 1/2 to 3 yrs ago (!). She followed the link and in reading my posts that month, sent a message saying that she thought she knew my IA worship pastor who had been her choir director in Missouri. I checked with said worship pastor's wife and sure enough, it was the same person - Mr. KD. Small World.

THEN, last Fall, as I was writing about a missions trip the girls and I were going to take with worship group from IA, she comments again. It seems, the missions conference we would be at in Hungary would be attended by her best friend/friend's husband who are missionaries in Budapest. So last October (08), I met Judy's best friend. Who's husband was looking at me like I landed from Mars - what is the world coming to when you are meeting other people's virtual friends in foreign countries.

It sounds weird to me and yet this is what has been added to my life. I have enjoyed it.

So Judy and I met finally in July at the ever convenient Mall of America. She saw Bart walk past before she reached me and recognized him! Isn't that funny? A little?

And I'm re-sharing a picture of Linds and I whom I met in Engelberg, Switzerland at her sister's house. She is a delightful lady who writes wonderfully. Although she's been in Switzerland twice since, circumstances have been such that we haven't been able to get together again. Although I did see her sister last March when I took friends to Engelberg - beautiful place! We hope to get another visit in soon - all in the timing!

The post of that meeting is here: http://swissfamilyolson.blogspot.com/2008/12/its-all-boomamas-fault.html

So Thank You to all my Bloggy Friends, including those who were 'real life' friends before, for giving me some inspiration to keep this up.

Happy 300!


Linds said...

Congratulations on the 300th post! And meeting you was a total delight.
Advance info here - we arrive on 6th and leave on 21st Oct, so somewhere in between, book time for us to get together!

Sarah said...

Yeah for post 300! I'm so glad that you started a blog. Keeping up with your family and life in Switzerland has been a blessing! Hugs!

Judy said...
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Judy said...

Yeah for 300 posts! (I had to go look at my number...not quite there.)Thanks for the sweet words you said about me. Made me get tears in my eyes. You know, I think God sometimes just orchestrates things in our lives to give us enjoyment. Meeting you in bloggy world and IRL has been an enjoyment! Looking forward to reading MORE of your posts!

Jason Dean B said...

that is awesome. it doesn't surprise me at all if you have outside readers.. you're such a great writer and you're post are always interesting to read. i'm sure they could be published... we're following even though we may not always comment. it's great to see the girls growing and the amazing experience they are getting. love it! love you guys!! congrats on 300. sounds like a movie, wait that was already done.

Susan said...

Congratulations! Thanks for blogging - keep up the good work :-)

Jolyn said...

It is a new world! Kind of crazy, but in a good way, really. Keep on blogging!