Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh Man - we're leaving for Oman

Let the packing begin:
I can't tell you how long we spent packing for this trip. A long time. We typically spend not much more than 1 hour or so combined for the family - we've had a lot of practise now. I write a list and the girls pack themselves from it.
But - this time, Bart and I consulted each other as to which items and how many. We will be at a Western Resort on the coast for part of the trip. However, the first half of our trip will be in the City of Muscat, local villages and the desert - the Dunes! I tried things on so he could help me decide which items "covered" me - nothing above the knee, baring too much arm, no cleavage and nothing too fitted. Not that I dress risque but - western styles of dress differ greatly from those of Arabic countries. Days will be more casual, nights not so casual and we read that people dress "smartly." So we will try to look smart. It took a little sorting.

No - in Oman they don't require women to cover their heads. Only if one is Muslim. I'll only be required a head scarf when we take the Grand Mosque tour.
We want to be respectful of their customs and not be offensive or draw unwanted attention to ourselves. Bart isn't even packing a pair of jeans! On vacation!
We'd encourage you to google Oman if you're interested and read up on it. The first questions we get regarding this trip is "Where is Oman?" and "Why are you going there?" It is bordered by Saudi Arabia, Yemen (no, we won't be near that border), the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Sea. It is still a monarchy ruled by the current Sultan. They have an interesting history and while embracing tourism as a new source of national revenue, they are trying to maintain their culture differently than their neighbor, the UAE (think Dubai).

So that's where we'll be ringing in the New Year.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year and God Bess!

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Jason Dean B said...

ohh man.. have some fun and keep safe. God's mercy and grace on you all!!!