Friday, December 12, 2008

Miscellaneous Offerings

Winter Wonderland. It's been quite beautiful here with the snow. Temperatures have stayed between 28 - 38F for the last month now and any snow that falls takes a LONG time to disappear.

I can hear the IA and MN crowd scoffing now - "that's warm!"

Quite honestly, it's not been that cold for an extended period of time (and this early) since we've lived here. Which makes for a booming Ski Season in Switzerland this year (they've had some poor years) but makes me wonder if I need to stock up on more CuddleDuds (longjohns).

The difference between this cold and let's say, an IA cold, is that there's more moisture in the air here - we are on a giant lake. Damp and 32F is colder than IA when dry and 20F. We also didn't spend so much time outside in the winter in IA like we do here. But our view is better (sorry guys) so I'm not complaining. Just need to wear that long underwear.

View outside the Kichen window. Sweet birdie feet - before I swept them away.
I had to take a picture of the contents of our wonderful box from Julie. Bart got Reeses and I got Tums - he's auditing a Bank and I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I find this very funny and wonder about the state of our well-being! btw - THANK YOU JULIE!!!!! Thought I would share a Swiss meal with you all. We had our Christmas lunch for Bible study and ate Raclette.
Raclette is both a cheese and a style of meal (based on the cheese). The Raclette machines at the top of the pic have burners on the top to cook meat. Underneath the burners are individual hot trays that you put your slice of raclette cheese on. There are also little potatoes, pickles, a dill dressing and usually pearl onions to round out the ensemble.
Once the meat is cooked and cheese is melted on it's little tray, you scrape the melted cheese on top of the meat and potatoes. For the holidays, there are Raclette stands along with the Brats, Roasted chestnuts, Gluhwein and Waffle stands throughout the City. The melting cheese can get pretty smelly but it tastes good.
Factoid: Raclette is what the Grandfather made for Heidi (melted cheese on bread) in the Heidi books by Johanna Spyri. Spyri was born in a village next to ours.
This week the children made their Grittibaenz. Grittibaenz is a Christmas holiday baking tradition they've lost the actual origin/meaning of over time. It is meant to signify an old man - possibly walking. Made with a sweet dough, brushed with egg white, sprinkled with large sugar grain and raisins for eyes. In every bakery throughout German Switzerland.
Kendra's looks more like an octupus. Rachel's didn't make it home from school - she wolfed it so there is no evidence. Apparently she went so far as to make a teddy bear for hers and it was quite cute but - she was really hungry.
You just never know what you might find when you step out of the house. This balloon floated right over me and I had to run and get the camera. Good time to run a promo for Mallorca though - everyone would like a little warmer weather.
This is my first free day in about a month or so. I am enjoying it. I'm getting a lot done! I was getting VERY tired and never seemed to fully get rid of that cold. A day of rest is good.
Enjoy your day where ever you are.


Linds said...

I love raclette - we have it often here, and can get the cheese everywhere too now, which is great. I find it such an easy way to entertain!
I have finally booked and I fly to Zurich on Sunday and home on the 29th. I will email you when I am there and we can see if we can connect anywhere.

Makila said...

The meat, um, looks gross just sitting there all raw like. :)

MOM E said...

Yum...can't wait to eat my way through Switzerland to the trees, I guess growing up in California makes us wonder at the frozen beauty of it all.

Judy said...

Let's see.... it was -13 this morning! I think I would love the 38!