Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I've traded one distraction for another

Well - Dad was safely delivered to Zurich Int'l Flughafen this morning and should land in Dulles about 4 hours from now (its 5:20pm for me right now) and then he'll arrive in Sacto. about 4pm. Of course, after 2 weeks here of snow, clouds and a bit of rain, the skies were clear and blue for his departure. We hope he got a good view of the Alps as he left.

So that is one distraction (a good one) that was dropped off this morning and look what I picked up this afternoon! Well, not the kids - we've had them for a while. We are getting our "Hund" fix by watching Bosco for a coworker/friend for 4-5 days. Bosco is Swiss. And bilingual. He is only 6 1/2 months old. He's a living rug.

So I will have company while the girls are in school. Isn't he cute?

I will post a bit more now that I'm feeling better.



MOM E said...

He's adorable..I think the girls need one just like him..look at the bright side he's smaller than a horse.

Linds said... won't even notice he is there!

I hear exactly what you were saying in your comment..... and you are right. Learning to ask for help when we need it is way to far down the list. I need to adjust my list then. I am hoping to be back in Switz next week. Hoping. Look after yourself!

Jennifer said...

Isn't that a Mountain Bernese - he's adorable. Looks like the girls need one permanently ..