Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's the Christmas Season...

Let's count our blessings.

My daughter made some comment today about getting something that just about set my hair on fire. Not that she realized it and I didn't snap at her but, I had to remind her that Christmas is not about the presents and the size of the gift. I'm glad I didn't snap. She knew as soon as I started that what she blurted out sounded selfish.

It's been a hard Fall. Work has been hard for the hubby so I worry (just for him working so hard). Things are unstable right now. Knowing people who typically stay at "the Hotel" in India. We wonder whether we are moving back in the summer or staying here. All out of our control.

Two families (unrelated to one another) here are sharing their last Christmas together due to aggressive cancers - neither is old enough: upper 40's and 53. Both leaving behind small children unless God provides mercy and extraordinary power through the treatments left to them and extends their lives supernaturally.

I don't know the woman but we (a group of ladies) are going to decorate her house tomorrow for Christmas. I know the man and how his family has come to love my enchiladas. I will make enchiladas for them anytime they want. We've loved his teaching at church for 2 years. I choose "In Christ Alone" for worship the other Sunday and we sang it twice - he loves that song and that is what is keeping them all together right now. What should be keeping all of us together.

I know. I said "It's the Christmas Season....Let's count our blessings." And maybe I sound a bit sad in this blog. Sometimes I feel sad. But we also have so many reasons to be rejoicing. For my family it is a place to live, food, a chance to live in an extraordinarily beautiful piece of Creation, family we love and who are all healthy for the most part at this moment. We are laughing with our kids and they are getting presents for Christmas. We have so much.

That's where my head is at - besides that nasty cold. And why I've been less blog active lately. There are many things to do right now. Time to spend with people.

I pray you all have many things to celebrate this Christmas. And spend lots of time with people.

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