Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who doesn't use their China?

I just thought I'd share these pic's with you. Especially if you've known us long enough to have given us any manner of china or crystal for our wedding back in 1995 (see honey, got the year right finally).

I copied my best friend and registered for Lenox "Eternal" and I still like it. And we actually use it. It even came to Switzerland with us. Mostly because I couldn't stand the thought of it sitting useless in a storage container in IA for who knows how many years.

But look: it gets used. Nothing dresses up a meal of carrot sticks w/ ranch dressing, Mac n' Cheese and Fanta like a little china & crystal.
After a costume change, the Princess Tea set came out for birthday cake leftovers.
What is the point of having it if it never gets used? So we use it. Even though it requires hand washing/drying. It makes it all a bit more fun.

In other news: Made quick transfer to chf last night as we watched the $$$ go up and down :).

It is cold. Cold enough to leave snow in the mountains and for me to contemplate turning on the heat as it was about 40 degrees this morning when we got up. Girls wore coats and gloves to school. It is Sept. 16th!!!!! It started Sat. and I hope it lets up for a while. This is not 'normal' for Switzerland this time of year. We've been told this every season since we got here.

I'm already getting tired of being Room Mom for 2 classes! Not really (Bart will just shake his head and tell me it's my own fault). It's just a lot of up-front work. Especially with emails and emergency phone lists etc... I've never done 2 classes at once. I just realized that I will have 40 people emailing me re: 2 different classes at various points during the year. I have to keep them all straight and organize my mailbox better or all will be lost.

It really just reminds me that I don't want to go back to work in an office environment again. Except for the clothes maybe. I do appreciate nice business attire. Will have to admire my husband's. I have only one suit left from the old days. It still fits!

That's it - that's how the week is starting. Cold and glued to emails & phone lists.


mandy said...

I don't even OWN china!

LOVE the fanta, though - classic

Anonymous said...

GMA here--I used Jewell tea dishes today with the gold Iris glasses, platter, and pitchers for decoration.
HMMNm where is my big orange pitcher?
The Senior Seniors were here and we had such sweet fellowship and goodies and Frank gave us a lesson on why Evolution can not be true.
I love your blog. How else could I see and know everything that is going on? We love you all!